New Movie and PS2 DVD Collection

Been doing a shopping for new DVD movies and PS2 games in the past several days. Below are DVDs that just being put into hard DVD case (bought that at Carrefour) and ready to get into my collection.

I love collecting movies DVD, and below is the collection of all Movie DVDs that I have,

and I also love collecting PS2 DVD games, and below is the collection of all PS2 DVD Games that I have.

Do you know that all the DVDs that I have on the rack above are sorted in alphabetical order? Hahaha. Just being girlish here.

Before, I only keep the list of movie and games DVDs that I have in a simple Excel worksheet. But as my collection grows bigger, it’s getting harder to manage my collection.

But now not anymore. I use Movie Collector software to organize my Movie DVD collection.

I like this software. The information about the DVD, and also the front cover image is extracted from various website, and Amazon US is the one that I always use.

Ahhh.. The software says that I have 128 Movie DVDs already. This will definately grow next month. not only have a software for organizing your movie DVD collection, but it also have other softwares. For my PS2 Game DVD collection, I use Game Collector software to organize it.

Same as above, the data and front cover image is downloaded automatically from various website, and again Amazon US is the one that I always use.

It seems that so far I have 103 PS2 Game DVDs.

So, these 2 softwares help me with sorting my DVDs in alphabetical order on the rack. And another feature that I use most is Loan Manager. So if my friend borrow any DVD from me, I will put the information in the software, and I can get the list of the DVDs that are on loan easily, together with the name of the person who borrow it. It’s easy to find out who should I call/ask to get my DVD back.

But personally, I don’t like people borrowing my DVD. Why? Am I stingy? No… It’s not that. If they handle my DVD carefully, I don’t mind. But most of the time, there are fingerprints, dusts and sometimes, ugly scratch can be found on the surface of the returned DVD.


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2 Responses

  1. Malique says:

    Banyaknyer koleksi…. nak sewa boleh?

  2. Imran says:

    hehehe malique. nok sewa ke? teringan zaman kecik2 dulu, kalau nak tgk cerita2 baru, kena sewa VHS (tape yg bagak tu). kekadang tu ramai2 adik beradik share duit sebab nak sewa cerita2 yg baru. lepas tu kuar VCD, dan time tulah it’s affordable utk beli movie. sebelum ni kalau nak beli VHS tu mahal yamatz.

    tahu tak sekarang ni DVD pun kita leh sewa online? try visit this homepage

    konsep nih dah lama ada kat US (

    Sekarang malaysia pun dah adopt this. bravo!!!!

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