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I have been making myself really busy this weekend with going to my friend’s pool side party yesterday, and doing several things today too.

Going for a movie is good I guess today. Just to chill my weekend away. But where to go?

  • Mid Valley, eewww.. sick of it. I have been doing all sort of things here for almost every day for the past 4 years, well, since my company that I work at is located here.
  • KLCC, nothing much to do there also, and nothing to look at also except lots of people ‘lepaking’ around infront of the fountain and expensive shops meant for the bold and rich people
  • Times Square, been there already last week, for movie also, watching Dark Water.

Suddenly, One Utama came across my mind. Reason being, yesterday I did pass by One Utama and IKEA before reaching my friend’s house for the pool party.

Reached One Utama, and I wandered around first before heading to the cinema. I come here not that often in the past, so everything is rather something new for me to see. I kinda like the market place area (i.e the underground tunnel that connects the old building with the new one). It’s quite happening there with so many people, shops and food shops.

I came across this Gizmo shop, well, as the name says, it sells gizmos. There are 2 things that caught my interest.

The first one is this mood clock. Touch it, and it will change its colour (as it changing its mood). I don’t know. It is such a beauty. I don’t think that the camera can capture its aesthetic value. Something that I will consider to buy, and it costs RM59.90 only (only???). Well maybe next month, or the month after. It almost end of the month already and my pocket is getting emptier.

And the second this is this Robosapien. It really walks like a human. I guess that’s why it is called robosapien (human robot i presume). Managed to capture 2 kids happily playing with it also.


After I have walked around the market place for almost 1 hour, went to the cinema, and get the ticket. Bought the ticket for this 4:50pm KL Menjerit (direct english translation of the title: Screaming KL) movie.


1 and 1/2 hour to go before the movie. Makan time!! Not really fancy any rice that time, and saw this Waffle World shop. Lets give it a try.

Hhmm. It’s Banana Mania Month this month.

But I also not fancy banana at that time, so I just get myself blueberry waffle. Yummy!!

Watch the movie. Hhhmm. I guess, ‘OK’lah the story. It’s the second time already that I notice this. The last Malay movie that I watch was Gangster. Oh man. The experience with that movie is nightmare. I’m not talking about the plot of the movie, but I’m talking about the sound quality of the movie.

From the start of the moving to the end, there is this screeching sound. Have you come across playing and old tape using cassette player and you will here this screeching sound? Yes. That what I heard throughout the Gangster movie.

And it happened again when I watch KL Menjerit just now, although it is not as bad as last time, and not happened all the time, but still it is there. I’m not sure whether it is the movie, or is it the reel that is used for that movie. Maybe the cinema think, oh, it is just malay movie. Just give them the spoilt projector, and reserved the good one for english blockbuster movies.

I remember, at the beginning, when the usual advertisements are played, it did stop for a while, like the reel stops moving or something. And I never never experience that when watching English movies all this while. Kinda sad to see that happen to our movie industry.

Finish the movie, and I think I just want to do some more final walking in the mall before going home, when suddenly I came across this Jigsaw puzzle house (not quite remember the name, will check it and will fix this later). Mid Valley also has this shop, but I never visit it before. Don’t know why, kinda feel that I want to give it a visit today.

Enter the shop, and was impressed with the so many solved jigsaw puzzle on display, and also on sale (of course, the one in the box). I then remembered, the last time that I managed to finish my very first jigsaw puzzle was 4 years ago, at the time when I just finished my degree, and having my sweet time in my hometown doing nothing before I find myself a job.

I suddenly feel the urge that why not do my second jigsaw puzzle this time. It will be fun. Then I bought myself this 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle. I kinda like this one for its panorama size, with the dimension of 98cm by 33cm.

Also found out that there are jigsaw puzzle with 1500, 2000, 3000, 6000 and even 13200 tiles. I’m planning of doing the 2000 tiles one for my 3rd jigsaw puzzle.

I guess I need a board as a base for me to start doing this, rather than doing it on the floor/top of the table where it will be hard to move it around later. Went to MPH, and bought this hard board.

After that, I just headed back home right away, really eager to start this. So here are the things on my bed, getting ready to start and I took my shower first and change my cloth.

Here are all the tiles, getting ready to be solved. On your mark, get set, goooooo. Hereby I would like to announce that it is official that I started this jigsaw puzzle at 8:10pm. Hehehehehe

I start of with finding the tiles for the four corners, and also the frame tiles (the ones that got straight cutting). Oh man. This is so addictive, and after spending about 1 hour and 15 mins on it, which I felt just like 5 mins, I have to stop since I have to go out again meeting friends. Here is how it looks like after 1 hour and 15 mins.

Anyway, a few of my chinese friends invite me to join them to play ‘tanglung’. I guess it will be fun also. Went and meet them, have a few drinks and food with them (which they brought), and play tanglung. Quite fun i suppose, where there are about 15 of us, and this one family also join us. Hehehe. My first experience playing tanglung.

It is already 11pm when I finish meeting friends (and as usual lepaking at mamak after that). Got back home, and continue working on my jigsaw puzzle a little more, until my eyes can’t bare it anymore. Feel so sleepy and furthermore, I have to go to work tomorrow morning. Guess I’ll just continue it tomorrow.

Hhhmm. It will be a good idea for me to post the daily progress of my jigsaw puzzle solving here. Stay tuned tomorrow and you can see how far have I got with my jigsaw puzzle ;p


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

2 Responses

  1. Malique says:

    E…rajinnyoo demo susun jigsaw tu… aiya.. kalu kawe tok tahu laa benda payah tu nok susun ghano….. surrender la kawe…

    Kawe tengah gelak sorang nih… sbb tahu demo tgk citer melayu… minat deh… bagus demo betu bena… mengangkat industri filem Melayu yg tgh nazak.

  2. Imran says:

    malique. best arr buak jigsaw tuh. very addictive.
    pasal cerita melayu, hehehe. kawe layan jah semmo. lagipun takdok cerito lain hok nok tgk. cerita2 gitu oklah. tapi kalau cerita lawak romantis komedi jiwang2, sorryler, not for me. heheheh

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