Annoying Real Estate Agents

To the future home owner, I really hope that you read this post sooner, just to save you from heart ache later on.

If you plan to buy a house, please spend RM5 to get Maxis Prepaid starter kit or any other prepaid starter kit, and used that phone number as your correspondence through out your purchase process.

Why I say that? Well, developer will practically sell our contact details to lots of real estate agents, since this is the golden time for them, finding those who would like to sell the house that the buyer just bought for commission.

Below are some of the non stop SMS that I get from those annoying real estate agents asking whether I would like to sell my house or not. This is just 1/2 of what I got so far, where the other half I have deleted them. Not only that, some agents will call you directly, asking whether you would like to sell your house. That’s really annoying as I bought this house for my own stay and having to say that same thing every time I got a call from them.

So when you got the key to your house, you can kiss that prepaid sim card goodbye, and you will also kiss those annoying agents goodbye too. I wish I knew this earlier.


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