My new Apple “The New iPad”

So last Friday, I came back home happily after getting the new iPad, without feeling sleepy a bit (despite my early woke up at 3:15am).

So before I’m heading back again to Machines buying screen protector and casing for this new iPad, let’s do the unboxing first. Yes. I’m crazy. Coming back home just for this.

So, what kind of cases that I will be getting this time? Last time when I bought iPad 2, I settled down for Smart Cover for the front protection, and iDEFENSE for the back protector. The combination is very beautiful, where it didn’t give that much bulk to the iPad.

But, there was an incident that happened only on the 4th day that I’m using my new iPad 2 that time that change my mind about this. It was a fine evening, just coming back from working, relaxing on my sofa watching TV while playing with my ipad. Then I put my iPad on the palm rest of the sofa, where out of the blue my cat jumped, knocking down my iPad, and my iPad landed on the floor corner first.

As a result, the corner of my iPad got dented, and there’s a gap between the face plate and the body. And now, I have to live with this ugly looking iPad just on the 4th day I’m getting my iPad.

So, here are the protection that I’m getting for my new iPad this time – the usual screen protector from Power Support, and the leather iPad case from Griffin.

I’m feeling like using leather this time. Well, the reason that I selected this one is because it looks slim. Don’t really like my iPad to be too bulky.

But then, there’s something else happened. The wake and sleep function of this case doesn’t work. Just to rule out that it’s the problem with my iPad, I use the Smart Cover that I bought last time for my iPad 2. Well, it just works fine, and this must be the problem with this case then.

I’m heading back to Machines today, looking for replacement case. Well, they did try with another same case, and it’s the same thing. I also saw another lady with the same case that I bought coming back here for the same issue.

So I’m choosing this Griffin’s IntelliCase for replacement, where I have to top up RM10 since this is RM10 more that the one that I got last Friday. Kudos to Machines since I can make this replacement without hassle, and with no questions asked.

So here’s my new iPad in the new case that I bought, and the sleep wake function works perfectly now. And this case feels quite sturdy too.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

8 Responses

  1. wow.are there a lot of difference than ipad 2

    • Imran says:

      Not much difference actually, just a faster A5X procrssor, better camera (5MP) and better display (retina display). The retina display is something to look for, and i guess the reason why people upgrading 🙂

  2. Farhan Yusof says:

    untuk 4g nie our local network dapat buat ipad function dengan smooth tak?

  3. Sharz says:

    Nasib baik kucing yg apple mmg takkan ganti baru kalau ipad kite ade scratch ek??baru je beli ipad mini…tak pernah dpt yg ade probs so cam terkejut jgk takleh tukar baru…huhu..

    • Imran says:

      klu time beli tu bukak2 ada calar atau kemek, kita memang leh tukar on the spot. tapi klu kemek tu sebab jatuh, memang dorang takkan cover. huhu. leh tukar klu ada issue ngan hardware je, cam power button jadik keras ke.

  4. Sharz says: salesman tu ckp xleh tukar..hmm…tp xperla next time dah tau leh argue..first time beli kat store..

    • Imran says:

      owh. dah kemek ke time bukak kotak tu? patut blah je. kita tak bayar lagi. member hari tu cam tu gak. beli iphone, tapi ada calar. pastu cakaplah kat salesman tu. dia cakap takleh tukar sebab memang dah keluar kotak cam tu. tapi dia blah cam tu je lepas tu. huhu

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