Hari Raya Hamper Suprise from Telekom Malaysia

Well folks, I’m on leave today. On the day that I want to have a good rest at home, sleeping, I receive a call from an unknown landline number as early as 8:50am. The guy on the phone claimed that he is from Telekom and asking whether I’m at home today or not.

I said yes and asked why? He said that Telekom will be dropping at my house later today to give me raya hamper? What? Since when they are giving hampers to customers?

Is this a scam? Is someone trying to check whether I’m home or not? I’m getting paranoid, and below is what I tweet after that.

12:36pm, I received another phone call from an unknown mobile number asking whether I’m home or not. I said yes. And the guy on the phone said that they are at Tesco Selayang now and will reach my home in 10 mins time.

Still paranoid, I just told the guy to wait at the lobby and I come done. See, what the society has done to me where I can’t easily trust people.

At around 1:15pm, I receive the call for the same phone number again saying that they have arrived at the lobby and ask which floor I’m staying. I just said wait there and I’ll go down to the lobby.

And here they are, representative from Telekom with the Hari Raya Hamper for me.

Then, they take a photograph of me receiving the hamper. No wonder they insisted to come to my house, since it will look more homely if the photo taken while I’m in the house. Just want to iterate of what society has done to me. In this era, I better be extra careful than sorry.

I did ask them about the hamper, and what’s this all about. Turned out TM is doing some sort of loyalty program to give reward to selected TM customers. Thinking of it, I have been a TM’s customer for quite sometimes already, since the Streamyx era.

So, here it is, the Hari Raya Hamper that I just got from Telekom. Thanks Telekom. Despite the love hate relationship that I have with TM throughout the years, I kinda feel appreciated today.


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10 Responses

  1. Elle says:

    nak jugak imran!!

  2. Elle says:

    nak duit raya sekali tau hehehe

  3. Farhan Yusof says:

    wahh you the chosen one 🙂

  4. rarza says:

    refer to the last picture.. actually its not from HQ. its was from our state TM Consumer and it was their initiative to appreciate customer..anyway congrats & Selamat Hari Raya..

    dah lama tak dengar citer pasal kucing2 tu

  5. hamper apa diorang bagi tu imran?

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