My New Yamaha DHT-810SPK500 Home Theatre System


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  1. Farhan Yusof says:

    IM kene beli gitar karen nie… kasi layan rock..

  2. adameben says:

    best gila baca blog nih. selalu bagi inspirasi untuk kerja kuat, simpan duit banyak banyak, dan beli benda best best. hahahaa.

    • Imran says:

      hehehe.. awak tu bila dah habis belajar, bila dah start jadik pilot, mesti duit melimpah ruah. time tu boleh beli apa2 yg terlintas di hati

  3. ameeyn says:

    gambar full setup yg complete belum upload lagi?

  4. ameeyn says:

    wiring speaker conceal or exposed? saya baru siap bual av room saya kat rumah baru..conceal memang nampak cool..

  5. ameeyn says:

    receiver ada 2 output,imran x teringin nak pasang projector? (Poison ;p)

    Projector nowadays x mahal sangat..optoma projectors cheap and very good quality..hehe

    • Imran says:

      huhu. tulah. tapi tak tercapai kut nak pasang projektor. susah nak wat kat living room. klu ada AV room, leh darken ngan thick curtain time siang2 hari.

  6. ameeyn says:

    recliner belum lagi..plan nak letak sofabed and bean bags..tgh kumpul duit untuk beli projector 🙂

  7. Ms J says:

    wow.. mesti bergegar rumah! and… Oyen has never fail to be the QC inspector. 😉

  8. Fizz says:

    whoaa oyen.. comei comei comei.. gebu..geram

  9. A820 says:

    Imran, did you actually get to use the RM199 worth of banana plugs on the A810? I believe only the US A810 version accommodates banana plugs. I would have loved to use these gold plated banana plugs 🙂 on my A820.

    • Imran says:

      yeap. i use banana plug on my A810. actually, there is a trick that is not even mentioned in the manual on how to use banana plug on the receiver’s speaker connection. just watch this

      • A820 says:

        Thanks for the great tip, Imran, I’ll go ahead and get me some nice banana plugs to free me from the inflexibility of the binding posts. Hope you are enjoying your A810 as much as I’m enjoying my A820. BTW, how much did HN charge for the SW500? I’m pairing mine with the YST315 SW.

  10. Zen says:


    Saw your posts here and very interesting to replace a new unit of Yamaha.

    Too sad, all stocks discontinued and they offered me F160 series with 579 AV, it’s cost about RM5000.00.

    Can you assist me to picking a new set of home theater for me ? Appreciated.

    • Imran says:

      Hi There Zen. Yeap. The one I got is the series with RX-A810 receiver. The current one is RX-A860 already. Mine is definitely discontinued now as it’s too old 😉

      RX-V579 looks fine to me. It already supports 4K video, but it’s from Advance series and not from the Aventage series (the flagship lineup). But unless you are audiophile, I bet you won’t see the different between V line and A line 😉

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