Ramadhan 2012 : Day 15

It’s weekend, and it’s the only perfect time to have “sahur” outside. So decided to have my sahur at A&W PJ.

Oh dear. What happened to this place? Used to be quite happening especially during weekend. But this place is really dull now, and seem understaffed. There’s only 1 lady at the counter, and she seems quite exhausted, perhaps from working long hour.

The queue is quite long, and there’s no initiative to open up another counter. And the lady that I mentioned earlier is taking her sweet time preparing the order why other are waiting impatiently in the queue for almost 15 mins already.

The chicken is pretty cold. Surprisingly they don’t have that halogen lamp that usually will keep the food warm.

But no doubt, the root beer drink is quite thirst quenching. I guess this is the only good thing about A&W that still unchanged.

During the daytime, I went to Seremban to fix the problem with my Dreambox. After flashing a new firmware, issue seems to be fixed.

My housemate decided to cook for iftar tonight. Sound good to me. I guess I can save a few bucks for today. Furthermore, I don’t really fancy to visit “Pasar Ramadhan” as the freshness of the food sold is not guaranteed.

Here are what my housemate cook for tonight – Sambal Sotong, Kobis Masak Lemak and as my favourite for always, Ayam Goreng Kunyit.


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