Author: Imran


3rd day, Ramadhan 1428H

Eid Mubarak to all muslims. I guess this is my first entry for Ramadhan this year. The start of Ramadhan this year is quite good. I start of my first day of Ramadhan with...


New iPods line up

My heart aches badly. Last time, when I sold my 4GB iPod (which I got for free actually), and get a new 60GB iPod photo, a few months after that, iPod video came out....


Get well soon Uteh

I feel so uneasy now, and I hardly can do my work well today. I keep thinking of Uteh, which is held at the veterinary clinic. On Friday, I noticed that Uteh body temperature...


My new Nokia N95 and latest Anuar Zain Album

It’s been 4 days I have been phoneless, since the time I say goodbye to my O2 mini. It’s been quite peaceful experience as well. No calls from bank calling for overdue credit card...


Goodbye my O2 Xda II Mini

It’s rather a very sentimental night for me. This is the day that I will say goodbye to my O2 Xda II Mini. I will be selling away this phone, as the preparation of...


Kerispatih – Tapi Bukan Aku

To view the video for this, click here.   Artist  :  Kerispatih Song  :  Tapi Bukan Aku Album  :  Kenyataan Perasaan Jangan lagi kau sesali keputusankuKu tak ingin kau semakin kan terlukaTak inginku paksakan...


My computer table

My computer table being a total mess for so long. My PS2 just lying in there at my TV rack (haven’t played that for so long). My old CRT monitor also just lying in...


15-Megabyte Hard Disk Drive

15MB harddisk costs USD$2495 in 1970s. LOL How technology advances that 160GB nowadays costs approximately USD$70 only.


Math Trivia

Got this from email. I’m getting very confused now. Can someone come out with logical explanation for this? Ahmad miskin. Die takde duit. Die nak beli baju yang berharga RM50 Die pinjam kat kawan...


TagMe!: Registration reopened for a limited time

  Due to several good things that happened in my life recently, I decided to reopened the registration to TagMe!. Register one yourself here! Hurry up. Register one yourself, or if you already using...


Been soooooooo busy

I think I have made a record, for not writing for 20 days since my last entry in this blog. I’m so sorry that I have been really busy (and I mean it). Thanks...