3rd day, Ramadhan 1428H

Eid Mubarak to all muslims. I guess this is my first entry for Ramadhan this year. The start of Ramadhan this year is quite good. I start of my first day of Ramadhan with fast breaking at my housemate’s mum house.

This weekend, a few of my Penang friends came down to KL. They arrived last night actually. So for the fast breaking today, it would be fun to cook the fast breaking dishes ourselves.

Here are our dishes for today. Anyway, it’s not me that cook this, but one of our friend – Mr Gmie, who works as a cook at one of the restaurant in KL.

Oyen which can be seen under the table is not part of the dishes today. I never seen Oyen being this happy before. There are around 10 people at my house, and Oyen seems so excited seeing this many people inside the house.

The “kueh” is courtesy of Mr Zaid who is kind enough to buy this on the way to my house, and Mr Alimin who went out to buy some with my housemate.

Finally, this drink is the only thing from my hand – Ice vanilla tea from the vanilla tea that I bought from Cameron Highland.

Later that night, went to News KTV Yow Chuan plaza for karaoke session and also suprise birthday party to Mr Alimin.


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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    bestlah suprise party!

  2. Masy says:


    samat bpose imran n famili 🙂

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