4th day, Ramadhan 1428H, having first Ramadhan buffet

One of the main agenda of my Penang friends coming down to KL is to go to Ramadhan Buffer fast breaking. So me and my housemate got to plan for this event. You know what, the first place that came to my mind is INTEKMA Resort & Convention Centre.

Manage to get 15 persons confirmed to attend this event (including me and my housemate). So on Thursday, gave Emilia, the Public Relations Officer of INTEKMA, a call booking a place for 15 pax. Thanks Emilia for reserving a place for me, and at good location too. Anyway, at the end, only 14 that are able to come and the other one got unexpected fever and can’t join.

The good experience that I had last year having my fast breaking buffet there made my decision easy. Read about my last years’ experience here. The place is easily accessible, and just for RM35nett, there are so many choices of food which some other place will offer that at higher place. This will be just a perfect place for this event.

This year, the decoration that they have is nicer. I kinda like the location, surrounding the swimming pool.

Despite of a few price hikes throughout the year, and recently, the price of chicken rises, INTEKMA still manage to keep the price of the buffet at RM35 nett, with compromising the number of stalls that they opened, and the variety of food they they offered.

This photo was taken just a few minutes before the fast breaking. See how many foods that we all take.

And this is from another table.

Anyway, there’s another new thing that is introduced here. For this year, this place also has a performance during the fast breaking, everyday until the end of Ramadhan. Below is the footage that I able to record today.

Anyway, everything went well today without any problem, and it has been quite a tiring and enjoyable weekend. So in 2 weeks time, it’s my Penang friends turn to arrange the fast breaking session together.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    hmm…nice…but how’s the food eh? sdp x?

  2. Park Ra!n says:

    nih mkn ka melantak..

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