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Pengisytiharan Puasa 2013

As blog in the past, I always have a fond memory listening to the announcement of the start of fasting month. Here is the one from this year.


CIRP : TV Panel, Take 2

CIRP : Casa Idaman Renovation Project About almost a year ago, I have this for my TV Panel. There were so many dramas happened during the construction that you can read in my past...


Mee Kuah

I happened to go back to my hometown towards the end of March for a week during school holiday. I haven’t been back to Kelantan yet for 2013, so I guess this is the...


My new ASUS VivoTab Smart

Didn’t I tell you that I got “Cukai Terlebih Bayar” from my income tax return already? Well, I’m thinking of spending that on something. Looking back at the gadgets that I owned, I have...


Happy New Year 2013

It’s the final day of the first month of 2013. I guess it’s not that too last (since we are still in January) to wish you all happy new year. It is very unlikely...


My new LG IPS237 LED Monitor

During my previous purchase of Apple Mac Mini, monitor that I will use with Mac Mini is not mentioned at all. Well, I was planning to use my existing monitor. These are my existing...


My new Apple Mac Mini

Despite of being a bit down at the start of 2013 where I have to work on that day, I pretty much managed to find something that interest me, to keep myself entertained. And...


Buying Lightning to USB Cable

Since my newly bought iPhone 5 is using Lightning connector, I can no longer use the existing cable with 30-pin connector. Well, Lightning cable does come with iPhone 5, but 1 is not enough...


My New iPhone 5

My 5 hours queue paid off when I got home with this bag. Maxis chooses green this time for the Maxis iPhone 5 bag. As what I mentioned in my previous entry, I’m getting...