CIRP : TV Panel, Take 2

CIRP : Casa Idaman Renovation Project

About almost a year ago, I have this for my TV Panel. There were so many dramas happened during the construction that you can read in my past blog, but finally, I have one part of my living room area transformed in my CIRP.

But the dramas didn’t just stop there upon completion of my TV Panel. Just 2 days after my TV Panel was completed (July 10th 2012), at about 11:55pm, July 12th 2012, I was in my study room as usual when I heard a very loud noise coming from my living room as something really big fall down on the floor.

I got out from my study room, and I saw my cats are frightened running towards me. So as I got to the living room, I saw this – the cabinet for my TV panel has collapsed.

I thought my business with the contractor that did my TV panel has already ended. Now I need to deal with him again. He only managed to fetch someone to fix this 4 days later on July 19th 2012.

But not long after, I noticed that the rack getting inclined forward again, and the pressure caused the pillar on the left hand side of the panel detached from the wall and collapsed. The same thing happened to the right one. On October 5th 2012, my TV panel is without the side pillars already.

I keep calling the contractor again about this issue. But this time, he is giving a lot of excuses. He told me that he is outstation in Seremban doing some renovation work there, and he will call me once he’s back to KL. But really, no calls from him.

After another call, he said that he will send someone to look at my TV Panel, but again, weeks passed by without any news from him.

This is how my TV panel looks currently. If it’s not because of the pillar under the rack that was supposed to be on the side of the panel, it will collapsed again to the floor like last time. And believe it or not, this is the view that I have to bare everytime I watch TV for 7 and 1/2 months (starting October 2012 until today). It’s really an eye sore.

I have enough of the view, and really determined to get this fixed soon. But the problem is, no one wants to take the project this small – i.e. fixing a collapsed TV rack where they are not going to make much out of it.

I’ve been following E Class Solutions Facebook page for so long. They have been doing a lot of large scale constructions and the Facebook page is some sort of their portfolio.

Just trying my luck hoping that they will take the small projec to fix my TV panel, I gave them a call. Surprisingly, they entertain me and sending the cabinet guy to look at my collapsed TV Panel.

Well, bad news. They can’t fix the one that I current have as the way that my TV rack is assembled is wrong. Well, maybe they can, but why settle for small fish when you can fish for a bigger one? And I’m on the desperate side too to get my TV panel fixed, and agree to completely scrap my current TV panel and go for a new one.

So today is the day that the new TV rack will be fixed. So I’m emptying all of the devices that I have inside the rack.

At 12:01pm, the parts for my new TV rack arrived. And below are some of the photos that I take along the way.

I’m glad that finally I can have a black tempered glass on the top of the rack (for an additional price). Upon inspecting the glass, there is a bit defect on one side of the glass where the edge seems to be broken a bit (sumbing – not quite sure the English word it).

Even thought it is not that noticeable, but I pay RM450 for it and I want it to be perfect. So they took back the glass and will issue a new one in 2 to 3 days.

So this is the final step of assembling the door. I kinda like the door this time as it uses black glass rather than frosted glass last time, which blocks the infrared beam from my remote to the AV gadgets that I have inside this rack.

This is how the final product looks like. Same design as last time, only that the rack and the 2 pillars are changed with a new one. It looks sturdier this time.

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  1. hilmi says:

    Bro…nape tak try selesaikan tuntutan ni kt tribunal pengguna. Tribunal tu akan arahkan kontraktor tu utk bayar pampasan @ selesaikan kerja.

  2. Fizz says:

    mesti frust tahap gaban.. duit dah lah banyak kuar kan yek.. btw cecuba tunjukkan design dapo.. dulu macam ada tunjuk lakaran .. curious laks..

    p/s : nie mesti oyen n de geng pakat dok reramai atas cabinet tu.. hikz

  3. mazaziman says:

    tengah cari design panel tv leading me to your blog. seriously nice panel tv setup. the second one with black tempered glass is better compared to last one.

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