CIRP : TV Panel, Take 2


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  1. hilmi says:

    Bro…nape tak try selesaikan tuntutan ni kt tribunal pengguna. Tribunal tu akan arahkan kontraktor tu utk bayar pampasan @ selesaikan kerja.

  2. Fizz says:

    mesti frust tahap gaban.. duit dah lah banyak kuar kan yek.. btw cecuba tunjukkan design dapo.. dulu macam ada tunjuk lakaran .. curious laks..

    p/s : nie mesti oyen n de geng pakat dok reramai atas cabinet tu.. hikz

  3. mazaziman says:

    tengah cari design panel tv leading me to your blog. seriously nice panel tv setup. the second one with black tempered glass is better compared to last one.

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  3. March 20, 2014

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