Mee Kuah

I happened to go back to my hometown towards the end of March for a week during school holiday. I haven’t been back to Kelantan yet for 2013, so I guess this is the good time.

No doubt that there are so many unique dishes in Kelantan, and one of it is “Mee Kuah”. It is something that I haven’t found in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe there is, but it must be pretty rare and something that that I’m not aware off. So this is a good opportunity to try one.

My eldest brother is really a big fan for “Mee Kuah”, and during my teenage days, I always went out with him to eat one. So this time, I’m going with him again.

Back then, it’s pretty easy to find a good “Mee Kuah”. But as modernisation is concerned, it’s pretty hard to find a shop that still keep its traditional value, like this shop that I’m stopping by today.

So what is so special with this “Mee Kuah”? I guess it’s simplicity. It’s very easy and fast to make, and doesn’t use much ingredients. But the taste is really unique. For me, somehow someone is able to find some perfect combination of ingredients and spices.

I’m not pretty sure about the recipe. But it has to be this simple for the taste to be unique. There are shops that tried to modernise it a bit by adding carrots or baby corn. That just kills the taste.

Usually, eating “Mee Kuah” will be accompanied by vinegar, soy sauce, pickled chilli, chilli paste, sugar (Kelantanese like things sweet) and white pepper. Adding a bit of each to “Mee Kuah” will make it even tastier.

This is from another shop, just a walking distance from my mum’s house. This one is a bit special as it comes with big prawn, but for the “Mee Kuah” itself, it’s pretty much the same recipe and using using the same ingredients.


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  1. life4hire says:

    bro…ni kat jalan pasir pekan ke? nampak caltex kt blakang tuh…kt pasir mas ada 2 jer caltex..hehe

  2. cikcloudy says:

    cant wait for your ramadhan buffet price list!

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