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Official Maxis iPhone 5 Launch Event

It’s that waist-aching time again. I’m queuing again for Maxis iPhone 5. Arrived at PIKOM ICT Mall CapSquare at almost 9pm, 1/2 an hour earlier when I was queuing for iPhone 4S last year,...


IP5HQ: Maxis iPhone 5 iValue plans revealed

Things are getting more official now. From the site to reserve the spot for collecting iPhone 5, the plans for Maxis iPhone 5 have been revealed. And here they are. iValue Plan (24 months)...


IP5HQ: Maxis iPhone 5 Invitation

Was not having enough sleep as usual at the time when I need to wake up for work. One of the first thing that I do is to check the notification screens of my...


IP5HQ: Maxis iPhone 5 Register Of Interest

Maxis seems to be the first telco to open up a Register Of Interest (ROI) page for iPhone 5, just the next day after Apple’s official announcement that iPhone 5 will be available in...


Happy 6th Anniversary Oyen

It just feels like yesterday that I wrote an entry about the first year Oyen being with me. Well, 5 years have past since then, and Oyen now has been with me for full...


Happy Deepavali 2012

Wishing my Hindu visitors a Happy Deepavali glowing with Peace, Joy and Prosperity. Here are some Kolam decorations that I managed to snaps across a couple of malls here in KL.


Balik Kampung

I have a few thousands Enrich Miles point to spend before it got expired. Got that from several oversea trips that I did long time ago. Since I didn’t go back to my hometown...


Calls from insurance agent

I bet everyone of us with job has at least once received a called from insurance agent. Most of the time, the conversation starts with the agent explaining that we are a lucky few...