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IP5HQ: Maxis iPhone 5 Invitation

Was not having enough sleep as usual at the time when I need to wake up for work. One of the first thing that I do is to check the notification screens of my...


IP5HQ: Maxis iPhone 5 Register Of Interest

Maxis seems to be the first telco to open up a Register Of Interest (ROI) page for iPhone 5, just the next day after Apple’s official announcement that iPhone 5 will be available in...


IP5HQ: iPhone 5 launch date for Malaysia confirmed

It’s that time of the year again where I will embark in another journey of getting my next phone – The iPhone 5. Earlier, Apple has released an official press info that iPhone 5...


My New Seagate Barracuda 3TB Hard Drive

Has my usual window shopping trip to Low Yat Plaza. I was surveying for 3TB Western Digital Red hard drive to replace the 2x1TB hard drive that I current have in my DNS-323 NAS....


Happy 6th Anniversary Oyen

It just feels like yesterday that I wrote an entry about the first year Oyen being with me. Well, 5 years have past since then, and Oyen now has been with me for full...


Happy Deepavali 2012

Wishing my Hindu visitors a Happy Deepavali glowing with Peace, Joy and Prosperity. Here are some Kolam decorations that I managed to snaps across a couple of malls here in KL.


Balik Kampung

I have a few thousands Enrich Miles point to spend before it got expired. Got that from several oversea trips that I did long time ago. Since I didn’t go back to my hometown...


Calls from insurance agent

I bet everyone of us with job has at least once received a called from insurance agent. Most of the time, the conversation starts with the agent explaining that we are a lucky few...


Making my WordPress blog Retina Display friendly

The rule of thumb for making an image looks crisper on retina display is to double the resolution. Meaning, is previously the size of image is 100×100 px, on retina display, the same image...


m’re undefined redefined

For those who are visiting my blog regularly, no, you are not at a wrong blog. Finally, I just decided to change the look of my blog, as it has been unchanged since November...