IP5HQ: Maxis iPhone 5 Invitation

Was not having enough sleep as usual at the time when I need to wake up for work. One of the first thing that I do is to check the notification screens of my iPhone.

There are quite a number of them from all the apps that are sending push notification, but the one that catched my eyes this morning is the email from Maxis. Maxis has started sending the email invitation for the iPhone 5 launch event.

Suddenly, my heavy eyes started to shine, and I just feel so energetic to get out of my bed today, and head to my MacBook Pro to complete this registration. It’s the moment of truth, of whether I really got invited for this launch event.

The images in the email seem to be broken, and upon clicking the link in the email, it is broken too. Headed to LowYat forum to see if any other people facing the same thing. Yeap. I’m not alone.

Someone has suggested to visit https://iphone.maxisdevices.com/ direct. I did that, and I’ve been presented with this page.

Yes! Upon entering my NRIC and phone numbers, I’ve been greeted with this page. I’ve read in the forum that there are still many people that still don’t receive the invitation email, and didn’t pass this page.

I have to say that this page is done very well. It looks professional, and have the same look and feel as what you may experience on Apple website. Not bad Maxis. The exclusivity feel is there right from the very first step.

Well, first I’ve been asked for the new iPhone 5 that I will be getting, do I want to keep my existing Maxis plan, or register a new plan. I’m never good at juggling with multiple plans, and I don’t see a need for it. Let’s keep my existing plan.

Then, I have to choose which plan that I’m opting for. I’m quite like to see this.

  • The phone price is RM50 cheaper than iPhone 4S last time.
  • 1000 free SMS (Maxis to Maxis) now
  • 2GB of local data now

From history, Apple will introduce new version of iPhone in 1 year cycle. So there’s no point for me to go for 24 months contract, as I will likely to upgrade (LOL). And I don’t quite a talker too, that I don’t need that much free talktime. 12 months iValue 1 is good enough for me, but I can’t settle for smaller capacity one. I’m going for 64GB here (although I never use this much space in the past). The fact that I just need to pay an extra RM300 for double the storage is so irresistible.

Next step is whether it’s black or white that have more appeal to you. As what I blog in the past, I still prefer white over black. So I’m going for while here.

And finally, I need to choose which slot that I would like to go to collect the iPhone 5. I can’t wait any longer, and choose the very first slot, like what I did in the past too.

After double checking all of information entered, upon submitting my registration, I received the following confirmation email. All I have left to do is to get the money ready, and wait for the 9pm December 13th.

And for first time ever, I have a card in my Passbook. And again, I have to give credit for Maxis about this. Even though it’s a small gesture, but it gives the customer great experience as for most of us, this maybe the very first time we are using the Passbook feature that comes with IOS6.

For those who are getting iPhone 5 too, see you all at PIKOM ICT Mall CAPSQUARE.

IP5HQ = iPhone 5 Hunting Quest


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