Official Maxis iPhone 5 Launch Event

It’s that waist-aching time again. I’m queuing again for Maxis iPhone 5. Arrived at PIKOM ICT Mall CapSquare at almost 9pm, 1/2 an hour earlier when I was queuing for iPhone 4S last year, but this time, the queue seems to be really long already.

The queue started to move slowly as people started doing the registration, and at about 10pm, I almost reached the entrance.

At 10:16pm, I finally reached the registration counter. Passed them the confirmation invitation letter that I got last time and got my IC photocopied. Then they will verify if I’m eligible to purchase since I’m extending my contract.

Once I have all the documents ready, and have the details of which phone and plan I’m getting confirmed, it’s time to officially register it with Maxis.

Turned out that I’m the 222th person that register for tonight. Not too bad I guess, as I have about 221 people before me.

I have a change to change to nano sim on the spot too, or else I have to do this at Maxis Center tomorrow. But this comes with warning – if I opt for nano sim for now, my existing sim (which is currently in iPhone 4S) will be terminated, and I will no longer able to make call or using 3G data.

At 10:45pm, I got all the registration completed, and got my nano SIM as well. Not, it is a matter of waiting for the 12am where iPhone 5 will start selling.

It’s been really hot today. And surprisingly, it’s not raining today. And with 200 people cramped under the canopy, I’m suffocated in there. Been counting time, and it’s 30 more minutes to mid night.

As usual, refreshments are served. That plain water looks really yummy when you are very thirsty from the all the sweating.

Almost all of people that came here are with smart devices, and the thing with smart devices is that, the battery drains quickly. It’s quite nice that Maxis prepare the charging station for those that need to have their devices charged.

15 more minutes to go. While waiting, there are radio presenters from Hitz FM, Era and MY FM entertaining the crowd. And I just happened to stand in front of them. The speaker is very loud, the air is so hot. Feel like fainting.

10 more minutes to go. Gosh. It’s the longest 5 mins that I wait since 11:45 just now.

And the final 5 mins from my waiting before it’s midnight. After the count down, iPhone 5 is officially sold in Malaysia.

Well, the first 30 mins is for the first 50 person in line to be served first with the press thing going on at the same time. But after that, the queue seems to be moving really slow. My friend that already got in the hall told me that the counter is a bit slow.

So after 12 midnight, my wait is still not over. I have to be in the queue for 1 more hour, where at 1:02am, I finally got my queue number and heading to the purchase hall.

About 1/2 an hour in the hall, at 1:35am, my number is finally called, where I need to head to the payment counter.

Once I reached there, I’ve been told that the White 64GB iPhone 5 is out of the stock, and they only have black now. What? I thought everyone is going for black. I don’t care. I want to get what I registered for, and I’ve been in the queue for 4 hours.

Then they said to wait for a while, and finally, I’m relief to hear that they still have 2 units left for White 64GB iPhone 5.

After the payment has been made, it’s the final step that I will need to collect it at the collection counter.

White 64GB iPhone 5 is almost exchanging hand, while they verify all the documents that I brought, and verify that they payment has been made.

There is this Unbrick Counter next to the collection counter. I don’t know what’s that for, and I don’t give it a damn.

On Friday, 1:55:35 am, the White 64GB iPhone 5 is officially mine. So it’s a 5 hours queuing this time, compared to 4 and 1/2 hour queuing for iPhone 4S last time.


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  1. anif says:

    Tahniah! : Anda berjaya menjadi pemilik iPhone 5 terawal di Malaysia! 😀

  1. December 15, 2012

    […] 5 hours queue paid off when I got home with this bag. Maxis chooses green this time for the Maxis iPhone 5 […]

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