My New iPhone 5

My 5 hours queue paid off when I got home with this bag. Maxis chooses green this time for the Maxis iPhone 5 bag.

As what I mentioned in my previous entry, I’m getting the Nano SIM card right on the spot during registration. Man. Things are getting smaller these days.

Despite most of the people saying that the black iPhone 5 looks better this time, I still find the white one looks more appealing to me. So I’m getting the White 64GB iPhone 5.

My new iPhone 5 next to my existing iPhone 4S. Yes. It is thinner and lighter. All this while, I just the words of it when reading review on the internet. But after having it in my own hand, it does feel different.

Although the screen is just slightly taller, but browsing the web does give the feeling that you are seeing more on the screen.

Yeap. I’m still a believer of hard cases. I lost count already of how much time that I dropped my iPhone 4S last time. Although it adds a little bulk to the phone, but I’m ok for it rather than having a bulk heart-ache looking at my phone got scratched or dented.

Things come and go in your life. With this new iPhone 5, it is time to forbid my iPhone 4S goodbye. I’m selling this to a friend. Bye bye iPhone 4S.


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  1. anif says:

    Jelesnya.. 😀

  2. Farhan Yusof says:

    finally.. 🙂 setelah lama tunggu

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