Calls from insurance agent

I bet everyone of us with job has at least once received a called from insurance agent. Most of the time, the conversation starts with the agent explaining that we are a lucky few to be selected to receive the special insurance premium that they are offering.

When received one, I usually don’t really dare to just hang up the phone. Well, the person on the other side is doing his/her job too for living. Below are some of the excuses that I use to end the conversation

  • I told them that I’m at work, and I’m busy, and asking if they can call me after office hour. Well, those telemarketers are usually working a normal office hour too, and they also would like to leave office on time towards the end of the working day.
  • I told them that I’m at work, and I’m busy, and asking if they can call me after office hour, while taking note of the phone number. Should they call me again after office hour, and the phone number is somewhat similar, I’ll just ignore the call
  • Told them that I just sign up for another insurance premium
  • Told them that my monthly financial commitment is tight at the moment, and I can’t afford to pay for any other premium (this always work)

But, listen to how the guy in the following phone call handled the call from insurance agent. It’s epic!

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4 Responses

  1. kahkahkahkah! saya gelak guling2 imre!!!!!!. Mana dapat audio ni? ya salam! hahaha

    nak belajar ilmu hitam tak? hahaahha. sahih la lelaki ni tengah takder kerja, mmg terbaik punya reasonla

  2. Farhan Yusof says:

    huhu pernah terkena.. memang annoying dari pagi ke petang.. last2 signup jugak,hmmm habis burn duit beberapa bulan time tu sebab tak mampu terus commitment untuk bayar.. and no refund.. πŸ™ senang je dorang cakap…

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