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Jadual Imsak dan Berbuka

For personal use only 😉This timetable is for Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. * Tertakluk Kepada Pengisytiharan Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja Malaysia. ** Tarikh Melihat Anak Bulan Syawal Tertakluk Kepada Pengisytiharan Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja...


My First Simple and Sempoi "Sahur"

Just finished having my very first sahur for the fasting month this year. It’s just a very simple one. It will take several “sahurs” I guess before I can get used to eating this...


Buffet lunch at Wild Rice Restaurant

Again, was busy with the database cleanup today, when there’s an intermittent problem with the internet connection due to hardware problem. Couldn’t get much things done today due to the problem. It is fasting...


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

It was on Wednesday, November 17, 1999 that I finished playing Final Fantasy VII game. This is the very first Final Fantasy game that I played, and I just fall in love with it....


Another hectic Sunday

It just another hectic Sunday today. I’ve been doing 1001 things. On the day like this, it’s pretty good to hang out with friends. So, the five of us went to Bukit Bintang area....


My hearing at court

I went to court today for some hearings. LOL. It’s not the the real court with laywers and judge in, but Courts Mammoth. The case is, making monthly payment of the bedroom set that...


Smile…. It’s weekend at last

Yippe. It’s weekend at last. Time for me to rest at home, hang out with friends, watching movies, relax. Now I can smile this wide. Wishing you a relaxing weekend too.


Puting Susu

For Malaysian reading this blog, it’s not what you think okay. You dirty minded bastard. Hehehe. And for others that don’t understand Malay language, “puting susu” is pacifier, things that baby/kid/toddler love to suck...


Trippin’ in Safari

My entry for the blog this time has nothing to do with the meaning of the entry’s topic, but has something to do with the words used in the entry’s topic. Confuse? You’ll see...


The Beatles – I Feel Fine

Been doing my casual internet surfing again just now, before I do my work on my full throttle today. Due to the recent new PC acquisition, I tranfer back all the files that I...


Windows reinstall reveals daunting news

Following this problem where my iPod and any other usb mass storage device is unrecognizable by my Windows, I have decided to reinstall my PC. I have 2 harddisks on my computer, and most...