Trippin’ in Safari

My entry for the blog this time has nothing to do with the meaning of the entry’s topic, but has something to do with the words used in the entry’s topic. Confuse? You’ll see it shortly.

Due to curiosity of how my blog looks like in Mac, I pay a visit to Mid Valley’s Apple Centre today. Yes. Lets try visiting my blog using that iMac Mini which already have Safari web browser opened.

It looks good I have to say. That’s the power of <div> placement, rather than using <table> tag and blank <img> when layouting your HTML. Huh!!. I sound more like Jasper, my ex-manager when I was in ITS before (Jasper. No offence OK if you happened to read this blog). He’s really a CSS guru.

My blog loads really fast also in Safari, faster than Firefox and way faster than Internet Explorer. I guess Safari does have a very good HTML rendering engine.

Since I’m at Apple Centre, I have a look again at i-Dog. Now only 3 units left, and they will be sold out until the next round of ordering. On second thoughts, it is something nice to put next to your PC, but it is not really practical to carry around.

After for almost 1/2 an hour browsing in the shop, mainly looking for iPod accessories, don’t know how, I bought this.

It’s an iTrip. Lalalalala… Don’t want to think that I wasted my money on this. Lalalalala.

So what is iTrip? It’s actually a money wasting device that you can plug to your iPod, and it acts as FM transmitter. Meaning, you can listen to the song that you play on iPod through you car stereo. Just select which frequency that the signal will be transmitted from iPod, and tune your car’s radio to the same frequency. There you go. You are now listening to the song in your iPod wirelessly.

See. I’m not really in Safari Africa doing my trippin’ there.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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