My hearing at court

I went to court today for some hearings. LOL. It’s not the the real court with laywers and judge in, but Courts Mammoth.

The case is, making monthly payment of the bedroom set that I bought 7 months ago, and also hearing by the salesman about the possible scenario to increase my debt.

And the suspects are, these series of camcorders.

After the long hearing and suspect identification, and also calculating the upshot of the level of my debt increment, I have finally dotted the plaintiff for this hearing. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No. It’s a Sony DCR-DVD602E Handycam.

I fill out the form to file my case.

The initial verdict of the case: I’m found guilty for not being able to resist the temptation on buying this fine piece handycam that uses DVD as its media, whereby it has increased your debt. Lalalala.. Again.. Don’t want to think that I have waste my money for this. Lalalala…

Below are the details from the today’s hearing:

Technical Spec:

  • 1/6 type CCD
  • 800K gross pixels (movie images:400K effective pixels/ still images:400K)
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar (Filter diameter: 30mm)
  • 20x optical/ 800x digital zoom
  • Variable Bit Rate
  • Compatible with various DVD formats: DVD-R/-RW/+RW
  • Visual Index
  • Slide Show
  • Photo Movie
  • 8cmDVD Making Function
  • 2.5 inch 123K dots Hybrid LCD Screen
  • Touch Panel (Active Menu)
  • Start/Stop Rec. Button and Zoom Button on the LCD frame
  • 123K dots Black and White Viewfinder
  • Personal Menu
  • Easy Handycam
  • Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization System
  • NightShot Plus
  • Color Slow Shutter
  • Battery Information
  • Active Interface Shoe
  • Multi Language Operation

Supplied Accessories:

  • AC Adaptor AC-L25
  • AV Multi cable(no S video)
  • InfoLithium Battery NP-FP50. Continuous recording time: 345min.
  • Power cord
  • Lens cap
  • 2 way shoulder strap

Free Gifts:

  • Carrying bag
  • Tripod set
  • 2 blank DVD-RW

The final hearing will be held in 2 weeks time once the good has arrived.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

11 Responses

  1. Malique says:

    nanti leh ambik foto kat gathering mana2….

  2. amirahsyuhada says:

    betapa anda telah membazirkan duit anda! hua..hua…courts adalah pemakan interest paling pnduduk malaysia.Hehe..sorry aa laser skit

  3. Fizz Hazrai says:

    nak pinjam… he he he

  4. Imran says:

    malique: tulah. mustinya nanti kiter akan mengambik video habis2an.
    amirahsyuhada: hak hak hak. laser class berapa ni? kalau cd player, dia pakai laser class 1 je yg tak membahayakan. tapi tulah. takleh nak terasa sebab byk sgt betulnya ‘laser’an cik amirah. tapi tulah kan. mana termampu nak beli cash
    fizz: hehehe. leh jer….

  5. bR0_5Hy says:

    hai imran..
    thanks sbb sudi dtg blog saya
    nice blog…menarik
    ko mmg giler games eh..dasat hehehe
    hrp leh jd member 😉

  6. Imran says:

    hi bro shy. ur welcome. aku ke blog ko melalui link yg cik amirah tu letak kat blog dia. aku minat gak games. tapi takde sampai yg jenis “kipas susah mati” (die hard fan lah tu). hehehe

    kira fanatiklah sket2.

    sorry. ciplak lagu mirai e ko, dah letak kat blog aku gak as video 😀

  7. Anonymous says:

    cadangan supaya kau kaya. guna perakan baru kau tu rakam event..kenduri kawin jiran ke, hari sukan ke.. lepas tu, convert ke cd…jual.

  8. pekh kena kawan ngan org kaya camni huhu

  1. March 27, 2012

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