Another hectic Sunday

It just another hectic Sunday today. I’ve been doing 1001 things. On the day like this, it’s pretty good to hang out with friends. So, the five of us went to Bukit Bintang area.

First stop, I went to Low Yatt plaza first to get a monitor cable for my office PC. As usual, this place is packed like sardine during weekend. Managed to visit Mac World there too, just checking out for any new accessories for iPod. Totally forgot to snap any pictures there.

Next stop, on this fine sunny day is News KTV at Imbi Plaza, where we will sing our heart out.

Really hoping we can bring rain to very hot city of Kuala Lumpur. But too bad, it doesn’t rain even a drop. Guess we sing pretty well. Hahaha.

The visit to Bukit Bintang area won’t be complete if we don’t go to Berjaya Times Square.

And again, it is also damned packed here since Era, one of the top radio station in Malaysia is having their 7th anniversary here.

All of us are plannng to watch movie. But on my way to the cinema, saw this Jigsaw World outlet again. OMG. They have it at Times Square too.

I just can’t resist my temptation again, and falling to buying this new set of jigsaw puzzle.

These Disney’s characters are always being my favourite.

I’m kinda suprised too, for the first time in my live, I have so many hobbies at one time. I’ve been crazy collecting stamps, coins and overseas friend when I was a kid. I was using the service by International Youth Service (IYS) that time to exchange contacts with overseas friend. I’m kinda suprise to find out that this IYS still exists until today. Then I’ve been crazy doing electronic projects (find the circuit schema of project that interest me, buy the components – transistor, capacitor, resistant, diode etc) and solder them together when I was a teen. Then so many other hobbies that I can’t recall them all.

And the present day, I like to collect gadgets, collecting DVD movies,

collecting PS2 games,

and lately, blogging and doing jigsaw puzzle.

Oh. Where were we? Oh yes. Me and my friends are going to watch a movie. So, went to Golden Screen Cinema,

and let my friend to get the ticket, while I browse through the DVDs at the shop nearby. Hehehe. I’m just a lazy ass. I kinda like watching movie here as it’s not really pack with people, compared to Mid Valley, where the queue is 2km long. And they also have ticket selling counter on 2 levels, level 1 and level 3.

Went to my blog friend, Fizz, the other day and she featured Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children anime in her blog. Guess what Fizz. I just got myself the DVD too at that DVD shop. Muahahahaha (evil grin that’s used widely in Final Fantasy game series).

Oh. Back to the cinema, yes, we are going to watch Land Of The Dead today. Me and my friends are fans of scary movie.

We got the ticket,

and just nice, Hall 7 is ready for seating.

So we headed up to level 3, buy the usual popcorn and soft drink, when we found out that Hall 7 is not ready yet. What the heck. It shows now seating downstairs and when I got up, it’s not ready yet.

We waited so long, while eating the popcorn where suddenly realizing that we finish half of it already, just waiting to get into the hall.

Finally, Hall 7 is ready for seating, and there are a huge queue of people waiting their turn to get in. Guess just let them pass through first. All the seats are numberred anyway.

But Land of The Dead is totally out of my expectation. I’m hoping it will be a serious scary movie but it turned out to be quite a comedy movie, with not much horror, heart pumping scenes. It’s so crap, and I only give 1/2 star out of 5.

Well. After all that, everybody seem so tired already, and hungry. We headed back to the car that we parked at Low Yatt Plaza. Managed to snap a pic while on my way down.

After that, we went to have dinner at Bandar Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras, and this shop with a unique name, Sup Meletup. Direct translation for this would be “so damn good and delicious soup”.

Then got back home, had a shower, and start doing this blog. I’m too tired already to start doing my new jigsaw puzzle. Lets leave that for tomorrow, at least I will have something to write in my blog tomorrow.

Imran will be back!!!


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

7 Responses

  1. Fizz Hazrai says:

    muheuehueh.. dah beli yek dvd FF.. tak tahu pula fizz dah sampai kat m’sia.. mMm weekend nieh nak pie beli lah.. =P~

    yeah.. cloud suki da.. ^-^

  2. Imran says:

    ha ah fizz. tulah. semlm tgh2 duk browse dvd tu, tetiba ternampak dvd ni. terus beli.

  3. amirahsyuhada says: fantasy..hikhik..saya main yg 1st pun tak lepas..asyik game over..tapi mmg bestlah game nih..wooo life cik imran ni mmg best waktu weekend…life sy..really different cam langit ngn bumi..nak rasa mehlah kerja kt beluran rasa org cam anda akan jadi mumia kt sini

  4. Malique says:

    mmm… nampaknya satu kesibukan yang amat dalam dilalui oleh e… me… weekenf just for sleep… i wish to sleep but i cant… busy busy n busy… y pple busy? i dunno also!

  5. Malique says:

    Laaa… kebetulan la nih. Malik pun baru je pegi makan sup kat RESTORAN SUP MELETOP tu malam Selasa lepas kat Cheras tu… Sebenarnya malam tu I gi tgk rumah sewa kat situ… mmm jauh jugak dari stesen lrt tu… my fren malas nak jalan… so, dia tak nak pindah kat sri Penara tu…

    Anyway, sup kat situ masin sangat la e. Kawe make sup perut tu naik darah kawe… Slim pun kena high blood. Macam org kelantan je niaga situ. Kalau tak pun orang siam… am i rite, bos?

  6. Imran says:

    hehe cik amirah. awak pun suka game final fantasy gak ek. takdelah. saya pun bukan selalu se’bz’ ni time weekend. time2 baru dpt gaji oklah. tgh2 bulan or hujung2 bulan, just berhibernasi kat rumah je time2 weekend. hehehe

    uiks malique. demo pun weekend2 pun bz gak ek. so dah jumpa ke rumah sewa baru? bila rumah sekarang tu nak kena dikosongkan?

    pasal sup meletop tu, mlm yg kawe makan tu, terlebih manis plak rasa dia. kalau org kelantan komplen manis, memang betul2 manislah tu. hehehe

  7. Malique says:

    E, meme bizi giler la kalau hari minggu.Tapi bizi unt diri sendiri laa..Tambah2 nak pindah ni lagi bizi. Kawe kena lari dr sini dalam bln depan.nanti kawe kena stay kat Sentul… hehe dah jumpa dah rumah sewa baru tu…

    Laa, terlebih manis pulok… mesti restoran tu tukar tukang masak nih…

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