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Backing up your blogspot account?

Since the first time I start using blogspot as my blog, I have been making 137 posts already. Not that much yet, but they are very valuable postings, as usually when you write to...


My first self-authored DVD

Since the first time that I acquired new DVD Handycam for myself, I’ve been taking quite a number of videos already at several occasions. Being a DVD-RW media, I can use the DVD over...


Googlism – What thinks of "Imran"

I just found this interesting website, Googlism. It will search related information about the topic that you entered from website. The search result is kinda funny, but that’s what it gets from


A call from lawyer firm

Dear blog. Just now, I received a called from a girl claiming that she is from a lawyer firm. Oh my god. What did I do wrong this time. After a little introduction that...


Majlis berbuka puasa with friends

I have visitors coming from Penang today, mainly for the “majlis berbuka puasa” event organized by one of our friends group. There were 6 of them coming from Penang in Dato’ Alimin’s Avanza, hehehehe,...


Bersahur at A&W PJ

Just back from bersahur at A&W PJ. This is the first time that I had it outside. Usually, I just eat at home. But since it’s weekend, it’s quite fine to go out at...


Finished new jigsaw puzzle project

Hurray!! I just finished my new jigsaw puzzle project. The next step is getting this framed. And here are the chronological events of this new jigsaw puzzle project. First buy the jigsaw Start doing...


Berbuka at Pizza Hut

Just another fast breaking at fast food restaurant. Today, I had it at Pizza Hut Taman Maluri Cheras. Why so far where there is also Pizza Hut at Mid Valley, and also there is...