Bersantai at Brisdale Hotel, break fast, went to KLCC

As soon as our karaoke session finished, we get back straight to hotel. Everybody look tired already. But before that, I walk around a little with Eisz at the street in front of the hotel that full of shops.

Then had this very nice yong tau fu or some people call it steam boat.

Then it’s time for bed already. Woke up again at around 4:30am for bersahur. Then continue sleeping. Today, we fill most of the day with sleeping.

Fast breaking time, everybody seems like not having idea where to go. And we still feel tired of the yesterday’s event. At last, decided just to have the fast breaking for today at the nearest medan selera.

Here are our tired and hungry faces that I managed to capture 1/2 an hour before the fast breaking time. Oh yeap. Our chinese friend is happy to join us today.

And it’s time for fast breaking. We eat like there is no tomorrow. And again, the blur face of being full loaded with food. Hehehe

So what’s next? Still, everybody seems so tired and can’t think wisely where to go. Then I suggested why not going to Akuaria, seeing fishes. Furthermore, none of us been there yet. But cancelled last minutes due to the ticket being quite expensive, and there’s nothing much to see also according to them. I guess I’ll be there some other time.

Since we are near to KLCC already, then why not stop there. Ahh. It seems that Suria KLCC has already put up Deepavali and Hari Raya decoration.

But I feel not much effort being put. Just wait for Christmas and Chinese New Year. They will do a very grand decoration.

Tired of walking, everybody just decided to sit down, hang out and watch the dancing fountain at Dome.

You can’t just sit there. Somehow, need to order something while several others went to get drinks at Starbucks.

Can you believe, 2 cokes, 2 ice lemon teas, 1 mango smoothies, 1 hot mocha and 1 iced mocha (as below) cost RM70++. Phew.

And again, thanks to Dato’ Alimin for his treat on these drinks.

After that, went to Lala Restaurant at Kg Baru. Have a drink or two with everybody before my penang friends departed back to Penang.

Oh. What a day. Back home, and fell asleep right away after that.


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4 Responses

  1. Imran says:

    Actually kan zach, that’s the thing that make it delicious. hehehe. unhygenic preparation usually gives a very unique flavour. cam budulah gamaknya. humban jer ikan bilis tu dlm tong, pastu peram lama2. tah tah ada tikus terjatuh ke dlmt ong tu. jadiklah budu yg sgt best itu (for me lah) hahaha

  2. yazid says:

    holly ho yo dude! memang pasal makan engkaulah no satu… heheh

  3. zach says:

    Morning.I read in Men's Health rasanya.Yong Tau Fu antara sreet food yang paling 'tak bersih' katanya, tapi masuk kategori healthy food la if u minus all those fried morsels.Tak bersih sebab mostly location, preparation and the way they sell the food.Mostly things that u can't see.

  4. zach says:

    Ha ha ha rite.I like ikan pekasam very much.My hosmate doesn't like ikan pekasam tapi dia favour ikan 'bengkak'(term used by Kelantanese utk ikan yg ala2 rotten tuh), I laks tak leh ikan 'bengkak' sbb mmg baunya kuat cam rotten fish. He he he

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