Backing up your blogspot account?

Since the first time I start using blogspot as my blog, I have been making 137 posts already.

Not that much yet, but they are very valuable postings, as usually when you write to your blog, it is something of your original thoughts and something that you think spontaneously and feel like of blogging it. If you were to write the same thing for the second time, it won’t be the same as what you wrote during the first time.

Have you ever wondering of backing up all of these entries/posts? Even though it is very unlikely for blogspot to go out of business, but hey…. I’m a paranoid person you know. What if there is something really happened to blogspot, like their server room is on fire or something, or there is a flood where all their server and backup tape sunk in water, and all of their data gone? That means all of your blogs gone too. That might sound a bit unrealistic, but the more realistic scenario is – what if someone hacked into your account, and delete all your entries? It happened before to JuanDanza’s blog, one of the blog about the well known Mawi, where he/she lost all of his/her entries, resulting from someone hacked to his/her blog.

Too bad that blogspot didn’t offer this feature. I tried to search Google for this, but too bad also that I can’t find any third party software that does this. I remember seeing one for blogdrive. If anyone know of any third party software that does this, do let me know OK!!

However, I do found the following instructions from Blogger Help section of the blogspot website.

How do I create a backup of my entire blog?

I guess I will start backing up all the entries/posts that I have so far just in case something bad will happen, and I should make this as my monthly routine.


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