A call from lawyer firm

Dear blog. Just now, I received a called from a girl claiming that she is from a lawyer firm. Oh my god. What did I do wrong this time.

After a little introduction that it is me speaking the phone, she then said she’s calling on behalf of the bank that my loan is approved, and I have to be there at their office at Megan Avenue I to sign some agreements.

Yay!!! Why wait. Let’s go and settle that agreement today, so off to Megan Avenue I am. And what a perfect timing. My boss is not around the whole of this week as she’s attending DP conference in Macau. I can snip out for a while during office hour.

I then went straight to Chung, Gan & Yap Advocates & Solicitors office. I guess the lady that called me earlier has already been expecting me to come today as she have all the documents ready.

So, get a little brief from here about the terms and conditions, and a little Q&A session, and finally, I put my signatures on the agreement. Not it’s time to back to office.


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4 Responses

  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    pinjaman..nak kawin yerk..haha..gurau je

  2. Malique says:

    imran, pinjaman perumahan ke?

  3. Imran says:

    amirah: hehehe. takdelah

    malique: tak. pinjaman peribadi je. pinjaman rumah insyallah tahun depan nak ambik kalau takde aral melintang.

  4. depressed&confused says:

    CHUNG GAN & YAP firm is a froud frim….beware.i had been cheated recently….as same the case i do receive a call from a lady call caren claiming herself officer from the bank asking me to go to the lawyer firm to sign my document. once reach thre a guy so called lawyer name Barry Tan… ask me to sign the documentation….i refused but he said juz put initial at all the documen pages…..than here go, he said i have to pay extra around RM1500 as a top up fee for the documentation….i refused and juz walked a way…. i complain to the bank i had borrowed the loan…and now the firm send me a letter of aborted changes around RM800. So i m so confused….The guy so called lawyer has no ethic of professionalisme to explain to the client before asking the client to sign rather than forcing us…. plz…..look up guys….dun be cheated by this kind of lawyer…. so any 1 have idea what should i do to avoid from the aborted payment.

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