Berbuka at Pizza Hut

Just another fast breaking at fast food restaurant. Today, I had it at Pizza Hut Taman Maluri Cheras.

Why so far where there is also Pizza Hut at Mid Valley, and also there is one in Bangsar, which is nearer?

Well. I have a friend there working as branch manager. So it means that, it will be FOC!! Hehehe.

Got there at about 6:58pm, but it is full house. My friend has actually reserved a place for us, but they have to release it sinc there are so many poeple there, we are late and that customer is making a fuss about that empty space reserved for us.

Wait for a while, then finally we got the seat, and what are we waiting for. Just order.

Huh. I just can’t wait for our order to be ready as I’m damned hungry. Luckily my masala chicken spahetti arrived first. I just had one first with cream chicken soup and garlic bread, when later after that. spicy chiken wings and garlic bread arrived.

Burrppp. I can’t breathe after that. LOL


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3 Responses

  1. aries says:

    bestnye makan pizza! paling penting FOC tu…huh jealous..jealous..:D

  2. Imran says:

    hehehe. tulah aries. lately asyik duk bantai fastfood jer. semakin gemuklah badan yang dah sedia gemuk ni.

  3. ana says:

    fastfood???u dah salah lah
    pizza hut is fine dine in atau casual dine in
    bukan fast food..kalau fast food takder lah service charge..then to get the product atau pizza perlukan masa 17.5 minit maaa…

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