Berbuka Puasa at Chicken Rice Shop Mid Valley & paid Zakat Fitrah

It’s rather suprised that I never had fast breaking at Mid Valley Megamall even though it is just 18 floors down from my office, and furthermore the building where I work is actually attached to the mall.

So decided to have my fast breaking here today with my other 3 friends at Chicken Rice Shop. As usual, the crowd is pretty huge at Mid Valley. My friends was there at 6:15pm, securing a place, while I’m still in office at that time finishing something. Then I get down at 6:30pm.

Then after that, I went to the “Kaunter Zakat Fitrah” set up by Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan in front of Carrefour.

It’s rather very convenience for JAWI to place their “amil” at shopping mall like this to collect zakat. Let’s settle the “Zakat Fitrah” for this year. Have you settled yours?


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