60 going 80

Yes. Finally I have found a buy for my 4th generation (with photo) 60GB iPod. I really sell this at a very good bargain. Scratch free iPod (as from the first day I bought it, I put it right away into the casing), the casing itself (worth RM100ish if to buy a new one), iTrip (again, worth RM100ish) and boxes that are still in month condition – all of that for RM550.

I just can’t wait to get myself a new iPod – the 80GB fifth generation one (with video). It happened that there is a promotion at that time, where I get free charger and Sonic Gear speaker.

Sometimes, things just doesn’t make sense. I got my 60GB iPod for about RM1900++ last time. But this new one, 80GB (20GB more that previous one), and with extra function – video, it costs less that what I paid for 60GB last time. This one is selling at RM1499. I guess the packaging cuts the cost quite a lot. Smaller box, and iTunes is no longer provided in the CD, but you have to download yourself from Apple website. That cuts the cost significantly I guess.


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