Adidas micoach smart run

The more I read about exercising, I came across something new – Heart Rate Zone. Something that is measurable always fascinates me. The stationary bike that I bought does have heart rate sensor, but it’s nowhere accurate.

There’s no way that my heart is beating at 215 beats per minute as I just started cycling, and the exercise that I do is not that intense.

I need something else that is accurate to measure my heart rate. All I came across is the use of chest strap, which I find it very distracting to wear it across my chest. Browsing around, I found something better for my need, and it costs me RM1,490.

2 days after my order, I finally got it in my hand. That’s pretty fast with the fact that the parcel is shipped all away from Singapore.

So here is my new Adidas micoach smart run. All this while, when exercising, I keep track of my exercise using my iPhone. But when it comes to running, it’s quite troublesome to bring the phone around.

Not only this watch has a built in optical heart rate sensor, but it also has GPS built in. Finally, I don’t need to carry around my iPhone anymore while running to track the route that I take during my run.

Lets give this watch a try. This is my heart rate recorded when doing exercise on my stationary bike with interval program. And I just so fascinated to be able to visualize the workout that I just made.


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