Apple’s one-day special shopping event

To those who is Apple fan may have known about the 1 day special shopping event that took place today for Apple’s online stores in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

There is up to RM311 promotional saving for items that you ordered online from Apple’s online store. You know what, I’m falling for this and did buy something today, although my several first attempts of putting the online order failed where the payment can’t be authorized to my debit card (Yes! I no longer own any credit card).

So at first I though this is just a gimmick from Apple, where they make the online payment from credit/debit card difficult, but a quick call to Maybank, it turned out that I have a low spending limit set on my Visa Debit Card, which can be quickly changed at any ATM.

A quick trip to the nearest ATM, I am now soon to be an owner of Time Capsule. Will blog about this more once I have it.

When buying something expensive like this, I always listing down the justification of why I need it, just to avoid a little regrets after spending that much. LOL. Well, here are my justifications

  • I still haven’t find the perfect solution to have my whole house covered with strong Wifi signal. Buying Aztech Wireless-N Repeater didn’t fully solve my problem as when I move from 1 zone to another, I always have to disconnect and reconnect from the Wifi every time. Apple’s Wifi products seem can be linked together to build a roaming network.
  • Even though the above roaming network can be setup using different model of wireless router too, but being a Mac user now, I can see how wonderful Time Machine is. At the moment I’m using external hard disk for the backup. It works as good but I have to keep connecting the external hard disk for the backup to happen. I want this to happen in the background with having to bother about it.

Now, it is just a matter of enduring the painful 11-12 days of waiting before my new order is delivered.


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