ASAT on labor day

It’s a labor day today, and it’s a public holiday. I’m taking Friday off as well. So, it’s quite a long break for me them. So, what I really do today? You won’t believe it. It’s not really like my normal holiday which I just at home. This time, I’m at Hillcity Hotel & Condo in Ipoh.

I’m here for this Program Anugerah Seri Asrama Terbilang (ASAT) 2008.

So, what is ASAT? Below is the excerpt that I get from the program leaflet.

ASAT merupakan program yang terancang oleh sub unit HEM JPWP Kuala Lumpur dalam memastikan aktiviti warga asrama di Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur dapan dijalankan dengan jayanya.

ASAT merupakan medan warga asrama untuk mengembangkan bakat dan potensi diri dalam sukan, kebudayaan dan kesenian. Di samping itu, ASAT bertujuan untuk mengiktiraf pencapaian murid asrama dalam akademik dan bukan akademik

And why I’m here? My housemate is the jury of the solo singing competition of “Irama Malaysia”, and I just elect myself to be the unofficial photographer of the event.

I’m quite impress with the effort put up by 7 boarding school from Kuala Lumpur to make this event a sucess. I guess, the recognition that is made to the winner is that all of these schools wanted since it is something to be proud of. Here are some of the photos that I took tonight.


And the jury for tonight:

It’s the end of day 1, and 3 more days to go. Tomorrow there will be pidato competiton, chess competition, cultural dance competition and football, netball and volley ball competition.


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