Astro Max : My wait is over?

I’ve been admiring TiVO in the past, by reading too many reviews in internet, and was expecting the newly launched MiTV to function like TiVO. And finally found out that MiTV is not like TiVO at all, and it is a total dissapointment with my high expectation to MiTV.

But one day, I came across an article in the newspaper about Astro Max.

They can now record up to 60 hours of their favourite programmes without the need of any external devices.

They can also pause and rewind ‘live’ television so that they will never miss a moment of their favourite programme or sports broadcasts. With the new Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), the Astro MAX allows for easy recordings of Astro programmes.

With the Astro MAX, subscribers can now watch whatever they want, whenever they want. We are giving the chance to all Malaysians to finally be able to take control of their TV viewing.

I hope my wait is over now, dreaming of TiVO like pay TV service in Malaysia. I can’t wait for this service to be launched. Heard the decoder cost nearly RM1000. And I hope there will be no changes of the price of packages too.



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  1. marjan says:

    Just knew about Max from a friend.

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