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Akademi Fantasia, probably one of the top topic that being discussed / featured / blog here in Malaysia.

I’m not going to do a review of the concert, of the diary or of the “pelajar”, since I’m so suck at that. But I will do what I’m best at – downloading and ripping those concert video from internet, and post it on my blog.

Based on the backbone of my previous M’re’s Flash Video Player, did a little revamp to the database structure and the way the player works. And tadaa…. Here’s the final result.

If you are not viewing this entry from the main page, you can visit the Akademi Fantasia Flash Videos player at the top right hand corner of the main page. Click below to go to the main page.


  • Use this at own risk
  • Serving large video files is always bandwidth-hunger. Akademi Fantasia Flash Videos are served from free webhosting, which the realibility cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes it slow, sometimes it fast, and something the hosting is down completely. Please don’t complain
  • There is a limit of the number of bandwidth allowed daily & monthly, and if the bandwidth has been exceeded, the video won’t be shown at all. If you see nothing after you select a song, meaning the bandwidth has been exceeded. Come again the next day. The bandwidth counter is reset usually at around 12pm (Malaysia time
  • Please please please please please please please please please please please please don’t steal the code of the player. It will drain my bandwidth pretty quick. Furthermore, this player is the signature of my blog, and I like it that way
  • The original video that I use before I converted to flash video is quite large. There’s no way that I can send that via email, and usually it takes quite a while for me to upload to somewhere for other people to download. If you want, just visit our local torrent sites. Plenty of people seed Akademi Fantasia related videos there, from the daily diary, the concert itself and imbasan


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  1. takdenama says:

    tabik bro. tak pernah lagi saya jumpa blogspot yg ada list video kat tepi dia. huhu

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