Bali Vacation: Day 1

The day that I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived – the day that I will be going to Bali. Got out from the house as early as 12pm to catch the 5pm flight at LCCT. Got to get out early as there are 20 people all together that will be on this trip, just to allow ample time for all of them to gather around.

Arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali at around 8:10pm. Yay! Another stamp in my passport. Since I just recently renew my passport, this is the third stamp that I got in my new passport (the other 2 were for my Bulgaria and Thailand work trip).

There a little bit confusion at the baggage claim area. There’s no monitor telling which carousel that I should go to claim my baggage. I have to revisit from one carousel to another, only to find out that all Air Asia flight will be using this carousel.

As I passed the immigration and custom area, there’s this whole stretch of money changer counters, each one competing on offering the good exchange rate.

Getting cab at the airport is not a problem. On our way to hotel, we had a little chat with the cab driver. Surprisingly, the cab driver thought that we are from Jakarta, where we told them that we are from Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for the “sinetron” that we have aired in Malaysia where we already get so used to Indonesian slang.

Well, this is the hotel that I’m staying here in Bali, the recently opened Tune Hotel, Kuta Bali.

The counter has a Balinese decoration,

and the landscape is very Balinese.

Doh! That’s for sure since I’m in Bali.

Once we have settled down at the hotel room, it’s time to go for dinner. We took a 20 minutes walk to the Legian district. It’s quite happening here with numerous clubs and eating place.

It’s not that hard to find halal food shop in Bali. Just look for “Masakan Padang” and “Masakan Sunda”.

Yummy! I’m so hungry now.

On my way back to hotel, I saw there’s a little commotion at this place, with crowds keep lingering at this area.

Getting closer to that place, it seems that this place is having a foam party tonight.

And out of the blue, there’s this “minah salleh” just came in front of me while I’m taking photo, and strike a post. Using DSLR, I can rapidly press the trigger and capture this beautiful moment.

Well. Got to go know. Have to be in the hotel lobby by 8:30am tomorrow for the tour. I’ll write more of the places that I visit during my trip here in Bali.

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  1. Marts says:

    Imre, please update daily kat Bali tu. Bosan nih.

  2. laily says:

    You kt Bali,Imran?ala best nya!!!!!have a safe trip…ambik gambar byk2 ok 🙂

  3. Elina says:

    aaaa. jealousnye .. i miss bali so much !! nak pegi lagi….!!

    time i pegi takde plak foam party. hampes ! huhu..

  4. betul ke balik hotel terus, tak join foam party tu, awak cakap bebetul, imran…

  5. zaffPutra says:

    nice place bro… gegambir kat tmpat mandi2 takdok keh? 😛

  6. Ping C. says:

    Enjoy yourself and let us know how great your trip is 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your moment there Imran 🙂

  7. @mdanif says:

    Wahahaha.. best la dapat pegi Bali. Enjoy yourself 😀

  8. dakpenang says:

    penat masih terasa lagi…bila nak kasi gambar kat bali…

  9. @afics says:

    mre… hang tau tak awek saleh tu bagi hang 2 middle fingers kat hang? hang takan tak tau maksud dia apa?

  10. meowwmania says:

    teringin nak pegi bandung~

  11. Bali Deals says:

    Seems like you had a great fan. That's a very nice place to unwind, party, and meet new people. I think Bali is a perfection vacation spot since you will learn a lot from the place and the culture.

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