Bali Vacation: Day 1


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  1. Marts says:

    Imre, please update daily kat Bali tu. Bosan nih.

  2. laily says:

    You kt Bali,Imran?ala best nya!!!!!have a safe trip…ambik gambar byk2 ok 🙂

  3. Elina says:

    aaaa. jealousnye .. i miss bali so much !! nak pegi lagi….!!

    time i pegi takde plak foam party. hampes ! huhu..

  4. betul ke balik hotel terus, tak join foam party tu, awak cakap bebetul, imran…

  5. zaffPutra says:

    nice place bro… gegambir kat tmpat mandi2 takdok keh? 😛

  6. Ping C. says:

    Enjoy yourself and let us know how great your trip is 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your moment there Imran 🙂

  7. @mdanif says:

    Wahahaha.. best la dapat pegi Bali. Enjoy yourself 😀

  8. dakpenang says:

    penat masih terasa lagi…bila nak kasi gambar kat bali…

  9. @afics says:

    mre… hang tau tak awek saleh tu bagi hang 2 middle fingers kat hang? hang takan tak tau maksud dia apa?

  10. meowwmania says:

    teringin nak pegi bandung~

  11. Bali Deals says:

    Seems like you had a great fan. That's a very nice place to unwind, party, and meet new people. I think Bali is a perfection vacation spot since you will learn a lot from the place and the culture.

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