Bali Vacation: Day 3 – Reaching Uluwatu

Next stop is Uluwatu. It’s a tiring 2 hours journey from Tanah Lot, and I sleep at the most of the journey. It’s also a race with time as we have to reach there early to catch up the Kecak Dance that will start before the sunset.

To get into the temple area, you have to be properly dressed. Sarong and sashes are available to be rented at the entrance.

Passing the entrance of the temple, I’ve been warned to stow away my DSLR camera strap into the bag. I just like, oh, have I do something wrong and it’s not allowed to bring in camera into this place? It turned out that this place is inhabited by large number of these.

Yes, monkeys roam freely here, and don’t fear human. If you are not careful enough keeping a very close grip of you belongings, they will quickly snatch those thing from you. If that happened, you can usually be induced to do an exchange by offering them some fruits.

Now I’m off to the Kecak Dance are passing by this cliff with a very beautiful scenery.

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