BBQing at Pulau Sayak

First day in Penang for my Hari Raya visit. Alimin suggested that we all spend a night at a challet at Pulau Sayak, and had a BBQ at the night. Sounds rather fun. The best part is, doing it in a group.

Went to the Carrefour to buy the foods for the BBQ. Chicken, sausages

and marinade & BBQ sauce.

Reach there, and book 4 challet rooms for 11 of us. And as usual, my panorama photo shot, taken infront of my challet room ^_^

Overall, this place sucks. Dirty water, dirty beach, as what you can see from the photo above. Alimin also didn’t expect this place is this bad. But I guess it’s okay. The challet rental is quite cheap, and there is always the fun side of bad environment when doing things in a group (in our case, having a group BBQ)

Let me introduce you to our little friends that accompanied us while were there. Those cats seems to already knowing that when there are people renting the challet, there must be foods for them. There are 6 of them I think, lingering around, and seem so tame and friendly too.

Let’s start the fire, and let the feast begins. But unfortunately, as soon as we finished the first round of cooking, there was an unexpected heavy rain coming. Well. That always happened when you are near to see. The rain came unexpectedly in a matter of seconds.

We then had to continue the BBQing under the shade of challet’s roof. Hahaha. What a bad BBQ session. But as long as I’m full, that’s enough. So do our little friends. They having a good time too eating our leftovers.


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5 Responses

  1. dak^penang says:

    d^p kena bakor semua…time ujan E tak angkat barang…. abis semua …. uwahhhh…tension tol…

  2. Fizz says:

    neko suki… ^-^

  3. Imran says:

    d^p: tulah. nampak korang khusyuk duk bakar ayam. malas nak kaco. ujan tu plak mengejut dan lebat plak tu. hanya sempat selamatkan 1 2 barang je

    fizz: uikss.. neko suki? apa maksud dia tu fizz?

  4. Anonymous says:

    sorry… may i know the phone number of the chalet you all stayed?

  5. Norhaida Kamarudin says:

    Ada phone number untuk chalet ni ke?? Tolong hantar kat email ni Kita orang pun teringin nak pergi. Tapi tak dapat cari no phone.

    Terima Kasih.

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