Buying Acer AL2216W LCD Monitor

Oh dear. It took me almost 3 hours for me to finish up this blog entry, from uploading the photos to Flickr, and generating the photo link in Flickr to be used in blogger. Usually, this will only take me about 15 mins. I just hope that they will fix the seriously damaged undersea cables at the soonest possible. I can’t live with slow internet like this, which is even worse that using a 56kbps modem.

Anyway, bonus is just around the corner (hooray!!). Fearing the same thing as last year’s bonus to happen again, I’ve spent all of it without me noticing it, it is better this time I secure it to something physically visible. So I decided to get LCD monitor.

I still remember back then, the 14-inch monitor can easily cost you RM400, and the very early LCD monitor costs a fortune that I can’t afford to get one, suprisingly to see nowadays, these things are getting really really cheap. With RM600 you can already get a decent LCD monitor for your PC.

But I fancy widescreen myself. Went to Low Yatt already on Wednesday for window shopping, where I have decided to get Samsung’s 19-inch wide screen LCD. Came back again today, where sudddenly I stumble upon this value line AL2216W 22-inch LCD Monitor from Acer.

It’s like love at the first sight, and then I suddenly made up my mind that this is the one that I will get. Being a value line LCD monitor, I didn’t really expect for the LCD to have high end specification, but it is really good enough for me. And the spec:

  • 22″ widescreen display size
  • 1680×1050 WUXGA native resolution
  • Contrast ratio: 700:1
  • 300 cd/m² brightness
  • 5ms true response time
  • 95 pixels per inch (PPI)
  • Viewing angle (H/V): 170°/160°
  • Inputs: Analogue D-Sub, DVI-D
  • Comes in silver or black

Can’t wait to get home after that. And this is the box containing the unit.

Let’s open it. On the top layer, the stand, user manual and all the necessary cables are provided.

Moving to the next layer is the LCD unit itself.

And this is the final product looks like after I attach the stand to the LCD unit.

Below is my new LCD monitor in action. Sweet. It’s black in colour, and should be a perfect company to my black Acer PC. Yes… yes… I know. The keyboard’s colour is a bit off, but guess what, buying a new wireless keyboard (black in colour) is already in my wish list.

But the sweetest thing of all is to have my desktop at LCD’s native 1680×1050 resolution. Moving from 1024×768 on my 17-inch CRT monitor, I feel the area on my desktop now is soooo f*****g ample. And I have to drag my mouse twice to move the pointer from one end to the other end of the screen.

There you go, my latest toy, which is my very first LCD monitor. And all I need to do now is to take my old monitor out, and slot the new LCD monitor in. But it’s not an easy thing to do. Got to pull the table forward a little, and getting messy with all the cables behind my PC. Hate that. Need to leave that to next Tuesday when I’m back to KL after Hari Raya Haji holiday.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

3 Responses

  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    walla..luas mata memandang yer imran…bestnya. Selamat hari raya haji dengan ucapan bila nak pegi haji..heheh

  2. rinaKeiko says:

    mak aiiii.. besaunye.. nnt oyen nk tido mane? kikiki :p

  3. Imran says:

    amirah: pegi haji? hhmm… tunggu dulu kut..

    rinakeiko: hehehe… tak sangka awak notice ek tempat tido oyen dah diambik oleh monitor tu. sementara je monitor tu kat situ. nanti nak buang monitor lama, dan letak monitor baru kat situ. so tempat tido oyen akan kembali. tapi kan, oyen tetap tidur situ. dia pegi belakang monitor tu dan tido, even sempit. huhuhu

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