Celebrating New Year Holiday: Back to Nature

Second day of 2009, I’m taking leave on this day thus make my New Year holiday is quite a long one. Me and other 12 members decided to back to nature this time – spending the night at Sungai Congkak Park & Resort.

Well. Not that back to nature actually. We rented 2 chalet there instead of camping. It’s more convenience and comfortable that way.

Upon reaching there and after settling down, the first activity that they do is to swim in the river. Well, you know right that I’m water phobic? Well suffered that from a little incident that happened when I was 6. I settle down with even more safer activities – taking photos. LOL

How time flies so fast when you are having fun. Without knowing, it almost dinner time already. Better to start cooking for tonight’s dinner before it gets dark.

No instant food here. Dinner is prepared right from the raw ingredient that we brought, inline with the theme of us getting back to nature.

All raw ingredients are ready for cooking…

…and the final product – Fried Rice for dinner tonight…

…and compliment that with BBQ will be really delicious. So next, BBQing session.

The fun part of BBQing is getting the fire started. It such a nice thing to see how the black coal transform into reddish hot thing.

And the so not likable thing of BBQing is to flip over the meat regularly so it is evenly cooked.

But out of all, the most fun part is to taste the final product.

Everybody gets tired after the dinner. The ghost bedtime story telling is always a nice thing to do at place like this. Well, we actually did that. Luckily I fell asleep earlier that night. Do you want to be awake alone in the solitary of a jungle late at night? LOL


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4 Responses

  1. che-mie says:

    i prefer nasik lemak

  2. Imran says:

    ouch. nasi lemak mesti lagi lama nak buat šŸ˜€

  3. Sankai says:

    sounds fun~!


  4. Imran says:

    Sankai: yeap.. kinda fun to have this kind of outing once in a while

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