Christmas holiday – Day 1

Guess what my dear blog. I will be in Penang again during these 3 days Christmas holiday. Hehehe. It seems that I went to Penang so often. Well, the main purpose of this time is to go to Padang Besar due to cancelled trip there last week.

Taking bus this time. Took cab to Pudu, and catch my 1:30pm bus. I just sleep all the way. Took about 5 hours to reach Penang. It’s daytime. It’s hard for the bus to speed, plus a lot of cars too.

As usual, staying at Mr Alimin’s bachelor house at Mutiara Condo, located at Bandar Baru Perda. Usman went back to his hometown attending some wedding ceremonies. And Munchen not home, busy with work as usual.

And a panoramic view from Alimin’s house balcony.

Went to cyber cafe after that since I’m bored like hell at home. Was thinking of updating my blog, but I felt so uncomfortable there using foreign PC. Usually, I have photos to upload together with my photo but it’s kinda hard to do there since the PC doesn’t have all the necesary softwares. It’s nothing like using my own PC 😀

Nightime, everyone (4 of us) just out of idea already on what to do, after so many activies done last week. Going to movie is quite nice. Let’s watch the 11.40pm show of Afdlin Shauki’s movie, Baik Punya Cilok.

Got the ticket. Man. It’s quite cheap here (RM 8) and the queue is not long at all.

We had a big laugh in the cinema that night. The movie ended, back home, and it’s time to sleep already.


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  1. Malique says:

    aiyooo… slalu gi penang dih… seronok tu.. tok puah koh make nasi kandaq… kawe ni rindu kat nasi dage jah…

    lawak sangat ke citer baik punya ciloks tu…? mesti ketawa giler-giler punya dih… tak pe ketawa tu ubat yg terbaik (katanya mat salleh)…

    p/s: sedap dan seronok kalau dapat dengar kanak-kanak sihat ketawa…

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