Christmas holiday – Day 3

Third day of my christmas holiday, is the day that we went to Padang Besar.

On the way, stop by at Timah Tasoh Dam for a while. As usual, panorama photo taking should complete the journey.

Arrived at Padang Besar at last. Quite easy to get parking. For those who don’t know, Padang Besar is a town located at the boundary of Malaysia and Thailand (the same as Pengkalan Kubor and Rantau Panjang in Kelantan – my hometown).

Without further delay, we went straight to the shop that sells cheap clothes (the counterfit of course). I got 10 of them, for the price of 1 original rugby jersey (if I were to buy the original one). Hehehe

On way back to Alimin’s mum house, do a pit stop again. This time at sugarcane farm at Cuping, Perlis. This sugarcane farm also acts as a border between Malaysia and Thailand, where if you walk straight on, eventually you’ll be in Thailand at the far end. Anyway, this is also one of the place where KL Menjerit 1 film was shot.

Back to Alimin’s mum house, and back to Penang. Then pack my stuffs as I will be back to KL tonight by the 8.30pm Konsortium bus, and with a heavier luggage compared to when I came here (with the new clothes that I shop)


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3 Responses

  1. aries1981 says: kelate rupanyer en imran ni ek?

  2. Malique says:

    aries… la baghu tau koh imran ni oghe kelate…

    e… nampaknya pasar kat sana pun bentuknya macam pasar siti khatijah… cuma nampak baru dan bersih sikit… (cuma tafsir dari gambar sahaja)…

    gambar panoramik tu semua menarik dan cantik…

  3. Imran says:

    hehehe. ha ah aries. kawe nih ore kelate (hehehe.. faham tak?)

    ha ah lah kan malique. sekali tgk mcm pasar siti khadijah plak

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