CIRP : Buying ProCool AVM-280T AV Cabinet Cooling System

CIRP : Casa Idaman Renovation Project

The phase 3 of my renovation project is still long to see the daylight (still saving money). Strata Title Transfer thingy really exhausts may savings badly.

This time round, I just want to start a new small project to be done for the previous TV Panel Take 2 project.

Having the AV rack at the bottom of this TV panel is an elegant way of hiding all of the peripherals and cabling that I use for my audio / video need. But now, I have a very serious heat problem especially in the compartment where my receiver sits.

Above is the heart of my entertainment system. All other AV peripherals are connected to this receiver. When the door closed, it really got really hot in there, and I just fear that it will overheat. So most of time, while the receiver is turned on, I just open the door so the will be air flow and heat can be dissipated out – which is ugly looking.

I tried buying a cooling fan and placed next to the cut out in this compartment where all the cables go out to the speakers. It does help cool down the temperature a bit, but it still too hot to my touch. I need a better solution for this heat issue, and searching on web, I came across this video.

The cooling fans that used in the video are from Coolerguys. Checking their website, they are selling this right from their site, as well as from Amazon. But unfortunately, they didn’t ship to Malaysia, although they ship to our neighbour – Singapore.

Searching from eBay, I don’t see anyone selling item from Coolerguys as well, but luckily I found a similar product from Procool – Procool AVM-280T Dual Fan AV Cabinet Cooling System.

They ship to Malaysia. Nice. And they seem to be a reputable seller too with 2.6k positive reviews, and 100% positive reviews for the last 12 months. I’m 100% confident to place the order.

Anyway, upon browsing Procool website, they have more items to sell there than what they advertised on eBay – replacement fans, filters, grills, power supplies and power extension cable – to name a few.

Since I also would like to get the power extension cable (the 2 fans that I will use will sit far apart from each other), I just make an order from their website directly. And the payment is handled by Paypal – just adding another layer of confidence to order this online as I have to pay RM447.72 for the fan, extension cable and shipping fee.

11 days after the order is placed, finally the fan has arrived all away from Chicago. Luckily there is not tax imposed by the custom clearance.

The fan are packed securely in the box wrapped in bubble wrap padded with styrofoam peanuts.

This is styrofoam peanuts (that’s what they call it). I always see this in the movie when moving scene involved. I’ve never seen this kind of styrofoam in Malaysia before.

Below are the contents of the box, which include

  • (2) 80mm Thermistor Fan
  • (2) 80mm Black wire guard
  • (8) mounting screws
  • (8) Silicone rubber soft mounts
  • (2) Mounting plates
  • (2) Filters Covers
  • (2) Mounting screw sets
  • (1) Power supply

There will be another post about installing the fan to my AV Rack. I’m planning to rewire my whole equipments, so I’m still gathering some other goods like speaker cable, subwoofer cable and longer HDMI cable. Stay tuned for the second part of this.

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  1. Farhan Yusof says:

    dah macam cpu lak tp versi cabinet.. ada heat sensor hehe

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