CIRP : TV Panel materials gathering

CIRP : Casa Idaman Renovation Project

With the recent purchase of then new TV set, it is 100% confirmed now that I will be going for another round of mini renovation to install TV Panel.

This is how my TV rack looks at the moment. For this TV Panel renovation, this area will undergo a makeover.

It’s not really easy to find contractor that is willing to take a project as small as this, as most of them probably is working on the big full house renovation, and they don’t want to bother to waste energy for my small TV Panel project which doesn’t give much return.

I think I’ve been calling 7 contractors for this (including the contractor that did my house renovation previously), and only 2 turned up. So finally, the contractor has been selected.

Like last time during my very first house renovation, I prefer to buy the materials myself. I always fancy for having a stone like backdrop for my TV Panel. Turned out that beginning part of Jalan Ipoh to be the best place to shop for tiles, not very far from my house.

The problem with when there are too many choices, it’s really hard to make a decision of which pattern that you really want.

After 2 days of shopping around, finally I’ve decided to go for this one at RM8 per piece.

As for the side lighting, my plan is to use LED light, just to minimize the heat produced. Jalan Pasar seems the best place for this.

Finally, come another hard part of choosing. This time, I have to choose the type of the laminated to be used on the cabinet and the panel. Decided to go Silhouette Mahogany.

I can’t really wait for this TV Panel to finish, as the new TV that I bought has been sitting idle for quite sometimes already, and would love to see it finally mounted to the wall.

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  1. adam says:

    Jalan Ipoh – Banyak kedai tiles, hardware, dan juga kedai baju pengantin.

    Dan juga banyak traffic light. Hahahaha

  2. GRACE says:


  1. July 16, 2012

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