Corsair Hydro Series H50 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler I

Since Unifi is still not installed at my house (waiting for the installation date end of May), I kinda not having that much mood to actually properly set up my PC in my study room. At the moment, my PC is still at the old Ikea computer table in study room.

During my visit to Low Yat plaza today, as always I have made other unplanned purchase for my PC.

In my past blog entry about setting up new PC, I use G-Power Pro CPU cooler for my PC. It looks nice, but it’s really noisy.

Liquid cooling seems to be a quiter option, and also better heat dispersion. But in the past, setting up liquid cooling in computer requires technical skills where you have to cut the tube yourself, prepare the coolant mixture yourself, and carefully assemble everything making sure there’s no leakage.

But now, pre-filled, closed-loop, compact and easy to install liquid cooling system, and the example of it is this Corsair Hydro Series H50 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler that I’m getting.

These are all the component out of the box. It support many socket type, so I can use this with my obsolete Core 2 Quad processor which uses Intel LGA 775 socket.

Stay tuned for the second entry about this where I will install this to my PC. Got to find weekend to do this as it is quite a lot of work as I need to bring out the motherboard out of the casing. Phew. Thinking of it makes me restless already.


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  1. zaif says:

    macam compressor ekon pulak huhu.. mana led u kata nak buat double monitor tu? tak pasang lagik ke? review pls.. huhu..

  2. sittichai says:

    berapa harga ni? ingat nk dapatkan 1.

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