D-Link DIR-412 Mobile Wireless Router II

With the new purchase of D-Link DIR-412 Mobile Wireless Router and having the new Maxis E1552 modem, it’s time to test my new router.

The router comes shipped with Firmware Version 1.02. Before I made the purchase of this router before, I did make a bit of research of what modem that supported by this router.

Below are the list supported by this router. Obviously, the newer modem that comes with Maxis 3G subscription is not the list.

So the very first thing that I do is to upgrade the firmware, which version 1.04 seems to be available to be downloaded from D-Link website. I did read somewhere before that after upgrading to firmware version 1.04, the E1552 will be supported.

Firmware Version 1.08 BETA has also been released on 31st August 2010, where it provides support for even more modems. Below is the complete list of the modems supported by 1.08 firmware.

Brand Model Brand Model
Bandluxe C170 ZTE AC560
D-Link DWM-151 ZTE AC580
D-Link DWM-152A1 ZTE AC581
D-Link DWM-152A3 ZTE AC 2726
D-Link DWM-155 ZTE AC 2736
D-Link DWM-156A1 ZTE AC 8710
D-Link DWM-156 A2 ZTE MF100
D-Link DWM-156 A3 ZTE MF110
D-Link DWM-162 C1 ZTE MF210
D-Link DWM-162-U5 ZTE MU330
D-Link DWM-162-U5 B1 ZTE MU350
D-Link DWM-163 ZTE MF622
D-Link DWM-168 ZTE MF626
Huawei E156G(E156) ZTE MF628
Huawei E161 ZTE MF637U
Huawei E172 ZTE MF668
Huawei E169 ZTE K3765-Z
Huawei E169u Nokia CS10
Huawei E180 Nokia CS15
Huawei E220 Hojy TD368
Huawei E510 CG-Mobile JJH168
Huawei E630 Datang Mobile AirCard901
Huawei E160 Qisda H21
Huawei E160G Quanta Q101
Huawei E1550 Quanta Q110
Huawei E156B Sony Ericsson MD300
Huawei E182E
Huawei E1552
Huawei E1556
Huawei E1612
Huawei E1692
Huawei E1750
Huawei E1756
Huawei E1820
Huawei EC226
Huawei EC169
Huawei EC1260
Huawei EC1261
Huawei ET128
Huawei K3765
Huawei K3565
Huawei K3520
Huawei K3715
Huawei K4505

Let see how to set up this modem. First, go to the admin page, which by default it should be

Once logged in, click Internet Connection Setup Wizard to go setup process step by step.

First, I need to set up the new password for this router.

Then I need to choose in which timezone that I’m located at. For Malaysia, it should be GMT+8.

Then, I need to specify which Internet Service Provider (ISP) that I’m using. It has a comprehensive list of of providers by many countries. Since I’m using Maxis, I choose Maxis 3G here.

All the setting for making the connection will be filled out automatically.

The last step, the setting will be saved and the router will reboot.

Have to wait for appox 40 second for the router to reboot.

After the reboot and looking at the status tab, walla, the connection to Maxis 3G has been made.

Now I can really share the internet connection from my 3G, and use it at many of my other devices. A very good setup when you are on the go.


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14 Responses

  1. kewin says:

    berapa harga router ni ?

  2. john says:

    kalau di kota kinabalu,boleh beli di karamunsing…
    bukan harga di brunei lebih murah dari harga di kota kinabalu ?

  3. Olukunle says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about Dlink wireless router. I have some question do I need to configure any settings on my laptop at the internet set up or not. Do I need any server for my devices? Thanks

    • Imran says:

      hi there. you’re welcome. on your laptop, you connect to internet normally as you would connect to any WiFi. As for the router, usually it will detect your ISP. Just plug in your 3G modem, and it will auto detect the setting.

  4. eim.morhas says:

    x sangka boleh buat mcm nie.. klau tahu, xde la terminate usb broadband… nak sambung balik ke? .. huhuhu..

    • Imran says:

      klu selalu pakai, sambung ke balik sekarang kan kita leh terminate anytime tanpa penalty. agak2 tak memuaskan, leh terminate. hehe

  5. Kong says:

    Hello there,

    I just bought the ZTE MF626 USB modem. It can work will well when connect directly with my computer. However, when I insert it into DIR-412, the internet light (2nd from the left) is off. Before this ZTE, I used vodafone K3520, and it worked well with my computer and DIR-412. My firmware is 1.08ww.

    Any idea on this? Thanks

    • Imran says:

      Hi Kong.
      I guess you can try upgrading the firmware of your router. They just release 1.11 in March. Perhaps that latest firmware will have support to the USB modem that you are using.

  6. eim.morhas says:

    dulu potong sbb on/off on/off aje.. skrg mcm nak on balik aje.. nnt la nk gi survey balik maxis centre. hmm.. oh, 89 ringgit ye. hope ade la jual kat kuantan nie.. klau xde.. nak kena turun low yatt ke? jenuh…

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