Ear Blockage

It’s the second day already that I’m working from home. The flu that I had last week seemed not leaving me easily. Nose and ears are somehow connected, and I have a minor ear infection from the flu that I had. Nothing serious about that, only excess ear wax is produced until a point where it totally blocked my left ear. The result – I can hear clearly with with my right ear, but not hearing anything from left ear – and I get dizzy easily.

Went to the doctor, and she prescribed me Waxsol. I also bought this over the counter ear wax removal. And believe me that I’ve been pouring this into my ears for a half bottle already over the period of 3 days already.

But it may take a week before it showing any sign – the blockage or plugged feeling in the ear subside. I guess I have to be patient – and there goes my weekend.


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  1. meowwmania says:

    uiks..jgn pekak sudah huhuu..


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