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Phew. It’s now only I got chance to write to my blog again. Well, I was on leave last Monday. Just feeling so tired from the fever that I had during the weekend.

Anyhow, kinda bored at home, and then I decided to look at the code that I have for Flash Video Player. Guess it’s best to enhance it a little. Here how it looks now.

Well, if you are a regular visitor to that flash video, you might notice a little change. Yeap. It’s that album cover thumbnail that I added. Thanks to Flickr for generating image of this size by default for all the images uploaded. I can us it here. It’s perfect, with the fix 75 by 75 pixel dimension.

On the other hand, back end engine, the flash video has already uses Run Active Content script. IE6 sucks. When you try to embed things in your HTML, there’s this Click to activate thingy.

So that Run Active Content settle this problem.

Do you know that my Flash Video Player has 77 videos to offer you at this time of writing? And I have so many more that I just don’t have time yet to encode them to FLV format.

I also quite happy with the speed of free 2GB storage and unlimited bandwidth that Filecities has to offer. Filecities? Google it yourself


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