Getting high definition III – My New Xbox 360

Since I first join High Definition World, the quest of getting myself equipped with HD peripherals has begun. I’m all set with playing Blu-ray media, and I’m all set with playing downloadable HD media too.

The only area that I haven’t moved to HD is my gaming area. So behold, the third installment of the entry about me getting high definition, and behold, my new Xbox 360.

But why Xbox 360 and not PS3 Slim? Well, if you live in Malaysia, you know why 😉 Anyhow, here is my new Xbox 360 out of the box with all other thing inside the box.

I like white colored gadgets and black colored gadgets equally. White colored gadget has its own distinct appearance too.

Going HD, of course it has the HDMI port on the back.

Hhmm.. What a sexy thing to look at. The Xbox 360 unit with the wireless controller.

The only drawback of getting wireless is, you need to power the thing with battery. And with the things that you will use for hours, the battery will drain just too fast. So I’m investing a little in buying rechargeable battery for the wireless controller.

So there you go, my HD experience is complete for now, and will last until I started craving for PS3 Slim, which I think will be soon (it almost bonus time!)


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11 Responses

  1. marts says:

    Adoi dengkis dengkiss x doblas!!!

  2. Ping C. says:

    LOL gamer hard core he he.

  3. PutraZ says:

    huhu menangis la tengok xbox 360 ni…

  4. nangis air mata darah…

  5. ashraf says:

    bro brape bli ni ? ak ps3 slim dh ade,ni mau ankat xbox 360 plak tpi yg elite le

  1. February 17, 2010

    […] to notice that my latest gadgets start to go to white/greyish color, starting from Xbox 360 to D-Link DNS-323 to Seagate FreeAgent Go 320GB external harddisk to Canon Selphy CP780 compact […]

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