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Thank you for using Hotlink. Kindly register your Hotlink mobile no. at any Maxis Ctrs or Authorized Service Agents. Pls disregard this msg if you’ve registered

I got the above SMS sent to my mobile phone yesterday by Maxis.

Well, it seems that government has forced us to register our prepaid phone number to avoid it being misused. On what I heard, we have until next year to do so, or else the service will be terminated.

I guess I’m quite lucky that Maxis Authorized Service Agents (MASA) is just down my office at Mid Valley. Well, I just obtained the following form, filled it in, and submit.

Anyway, I kinda wondering, how can we know for sure that our number has been registred already? Who knows the agent that I gave the form to, misplaced my form, and my number end not not being registred, and when the time come, my number is terminated all of a sudden. I will be really pissed off that time. They better handle this properly.


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  1. meera says:

    betul la Im… rasanya dah masuk 2 minggu saya register, tapi takde apa2 tanda dr maxis yg mengatakan saya sudah register.. sampai ke tidak form saya tu ek… hmmmm

  2. The TV Man says:

    Isi borang. Tutup mata. Ape nak jadi jadilah..

  3. Me says:

    and how can they for so sure about the information given by the customer…Really tough job to check it one by one

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