Ikea Kitchen Ideas

While I’m uploading the photos to be used for this entry, Oyen is soundly sleeping in front of me. Well, this is nothing to do with the Ikea kitchen, but it is very cute of Oyen sleeping in front of the monitor. I guess it’s the heat emitted by the screen.

As the continuation of my house renovation planning outing last Saturday, today brings me to Ikea. Happened to be on leave today. The main purpose of the visit is to survey the Faktum kitchens.

I so want Ikea kitchen for my new house. This is the most basic Faktum kitchen that you can get at RM2488.

On my way to the Ikea’s entrance, There’s this RM8k-ish kitchen on display too. That looks not too bad.

I really like the idea behind Faktum kitchen. You can mix and match the cabinets to your liking, choose the may colors of doors and drawer fronts, knobs and handles, and lastly choose what interior fittings that you want.

Anyway, here are the series of photos that I took from the Ikea’s showroom. This will help me a lot to give me inspirations and ideas when designing my kitchen later.


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  1. meowwmania says:

    hohh! banyaknya pilihan…cantik2 semuanya

    p/s: pelokkan si oyen demok ituh, gewam tgk dier 😀

  2. Anif® says:

    Suka ikea punya idea 🙂 Sesuai untuk rumah kecil.

  3. hedayat says:

    vote for no 5 & 6 from bottom ..
    and vote for oyen too .. hehhe .. sama macam my late dennis dulu .. http://plixi.com/p/61790487

  4. ctshah says:

    we've just got the letter from cp group today!actually yesterday dh dpt tapi my fil tak dgr posmen dtg.hehe..now,tgh tunggu bank disburse loan.oh,can't hardly wait!:-0

    • Imran says:

      tulah. saya pun br dpt surat tu hari ni (sampai kat kg 2 hari lepas). my mum terus pos laju. huhu. same gak. tgh tunggu OCBC disburse all the amount. belum apa2 lagi dah kena bayar RM900+ for maintenance fee and all. sigh

  5. ctshah says:

    tadi baru dpt news dari hubby yg ocbc release loan tu ari nih.so,mungkin hari jumaat @ sabtu dpt kunci!caiyok!caiyok!

  6. Elle says:

    nak pinjam oyen boleh?

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